14 Perfectly Inexpensive Gifts To Get Bae For Valentines Day

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We've got you covered.

1. Immerse Plus Virtual Reality Headset

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$32, Urban Outfitters

The Immerse Plus Virtual Reality Headset can instantly turn your man's smartphone into an interactive 3D experience. This cool little gadget works with a variety of free or inexpensive 3D apps, games, and movies.

2. The Foot Hammock

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$10.50, Amazon

Give your guy the ability to relax any time, any place. Whether he's hanging out on the porch or pulling overtime at the office, the foot hammock will be there waiting to help him kick back and take a load off.

3. Hans Solo Phone Case

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$14, Amazon

Let your guy shamelessly nerd out on Valentine's day with this hilarious Hans Solo iPhone cover that every Star Wars fan is sure to love.

4. "Ask Me About My Ninja Disguise" T-Shirt

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$18.99, Amazon

Every guy's got an inner ninja just waiting to burst forth. Help your man channel his with this hilarious shirt that's just waiting to turn into his super hero costume at a moment's notice.

5. Life-Sized Solid Milk Chocolate Hand Gun

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$30, ChocolateWeapons on Etsy.com

Nothing says Valentine's Day like a little chocolate, right? Get your guy the most badass piece of candy on the block with this hand-crafted chocolate handgun that comes with an actual gun case.

6. Smart Phone Amplifier

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$15, Amazon

Wanna watch a movie with your guy on your smartphone without the eye strain? Grab him one of these bad boys. This smartphone amplifier from Dizaul enlarges your screen so you can enjoy the same high quality picture without the tiny screen constraint.

7. Nexfinity One 12 in 1 Pocket Survival Card Tool

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$14, Amazon

Does your guy have mad survivalist skills.... or at least think he is? Help him tap into his inner wild man via this handy, credit card sized all-in-one tool that includes everything from a compass to a knife to a screwdriver.

8. The World's Strongest Coffee

via deathwishcoffee.com

$19.99, deathwishcoffee.com

Does your guy like his coffee strong? Show him the true definition of the word with 16 ounces of ridiculously wired energy waiting to happen. Not only is Death Wish the world's strongest coffee, it's also Fair Trade and USDA Certified Organic.

9. ECOSUSI Vintage Laptop/ Messenger Bag

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$17.99, Amazon

If your man's always on the go, hook him up with this stylish way to carry his laptop... and everything else for that matter. This canvas leather bag has plenty of room for his laptop and even comes with pockets for his wallet, keys, and pens as well.

10. Fred & Friends Crystal Skull Shotglass

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$8, Amazon

Bring a little fun to your dude's drinking adventure with this Indiana Jones-esque Crystal Skull shot glass.

11. The Non-Committal Guy's Valentine's Card

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$4.50, emilymcdowellstudio via etsy.com

What to do when Valentine's happens to arrive while you're still in that awkward "it's complicated" stage on Facebook? This tho.

12. Stainless Steel Throwing Cards

via Bladeplay.com

$17, Bladeplay.com

Watch your man's face light up as watermelons everywhere tremble at the sound of his name. These stainless steel throwing cards are destined to make any guy's inner child go wild.

13. Adult Sized Venus Flytrap

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$15.95, JoelsCarnivorousPlants on Amazon

Love it when a guy gets you flowers on Valentine's day? Return the favor by gifting him the most kickass plant on the block with this full grown, carnivorous Venus Fly Trap.

14. Beer Scented Candles

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$13, UReflections via etsy.com

Isn't it great when men brave the confusion of Bath and Body Works in order to gift you with a truly great smelling candle? Let him know what it feels like by gifting him these beer scented candles made from the recycled bottles of his favorite brews.