14 Hilarious Thoughts All Women Have When Getting A Massage

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Number 5 is too real.

There's nothing in life quite as amazing as a great massage. Here's a list of common thoughts you may experience throughout the process.

1. There Should Be a Chart For What Exactly They Mean By “Disrobe”

2. Do I Take Off My Underwear? Maybe I Should Hide Them In My Other Clothes.

3. Okay. Here I Am. Naked. Under Tha Sheet. Do I Notify Someone Now?

4. Awww. Oh Wow. Oh That Hurts Like a Bitch. Keep Doing It.

5. Omg Why Can’t My Boyfriend Do That?

6. Maybe She’d Give Him Private Lessons

7. Or I Could Just Come Here Like Twice a Week and Replace Him Completely.

8. Maybe She’d Give Me the Private Lessons and I Could Have Any Guy I Wanted

9. Dammit, I Gotta Turn Off My Thoughts and Go To My Happy Place

10. Who Am I Kidding? I Don’t Know How and Don't Have One

11. Oh Crap. It’s Time For The Awkward Flip Moment. Oh Well, YOLO.

12. Omg That Oil Smells So Good. I Wanna Swim In Oceans Of It.

13. Omg This Is Amazing. Oh Yeah. My Last F—Has Officially Flown.

14. I Wonder How Long They'd Let Me Just Limply Lay Here Even Though It's Tehnically Over

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