14 Fun Facts About Tacos That'll Make You Eat With Purpose

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Let's taco-bout tacos!

Ah Tacos! Not only do Americans know them well, according to statistics, we can't get enough of them!

Here you'll find fun facts about everything from exactly how many tacos Americans chow down on every year, to some fun tidbits about the origins of the taco and how it found it's way across the border.

Sp get ready to take a bite out of these random fun facts about everyone's favorite tortilla wrapped treat.

1. Americans Consume Over 4 Billion Tacos Each Year


2. October 4th Is National Taco Day In the United States


3. Tacos Predate Europeans In Mexico and Were Eaten By Indeginouos Mexicans


4. "Taco" Translates Literally To "Plug" or "Wad" In Spanish


It was originally a name that Mexican miners used to describe thin sheets of paper wrapped around gunpowder used in the mines.

5. The First Taco Truck Was Operated In New York By Two Housewives In 1966


6. Traditionally Seafood Tacos Are Considered a Lunch Food


7. Ensenada, Mexico Is Said To Be the Birth Place of the Fish Taco


8. Taco Bell was First Called Taco Tia and Sold Hot Dogs and Burgers Too


9. Singer Chava Flores Once Wrote a Song About Tacos Called "La Taquiza"


10. Taco Bell's Founder Invented the Preformed U-Shaped Crispy Taco Shell


11. Women Called the Chili Queens Sold Tacos In the US as Early as 1905


12. In 1979 a Woman Named Maris Bustamante Patented the Taco


13. The World's Biggest Taco Was Made In 2011 and Was 246 Feet Long!


14. 1/2 the U.S. Population Eats Taco Bell at Least Once a Month


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