14 Feelings You Have When You're Sick Of Social Media But Can't Give It Up

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The addiction is real.

Ever get so fed up with social media you just wanna delete your accounts across the board?

Behold some of the most common hesitations when deciding whether to delete your social media:

1. But How Will I Offer My Unsolicited Opinions?

2. All Those Adorable Animal Videos Tho...

3. How Will I Stay In Touch With Grandma and the Rest of the Fam?

4. Who Will I Tell When I Get Lonely?

5. My Friends Will Give Me Hell If I Delete My Account

6. How Will I Get That Daily Boost?

7. Or Provide Support For Others?

8. How Will I Share My Love After a Few Too Many Drinks?

9. Do I Really Wanna Give Up This Evidence of My Mild Superiority?

10. But My Statuses Are Like an Autobiography Installment Plan

11. Best To Keep a Close Eye On Haters

12. How Will I Share Those Beautiful Sunsets and Meals With the World?

13. What Polite Alternative Is There To Giving Out My Phone Number?

14. Maybe I Should Just Rethink This Whole Plan Tomorrow

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