13 Ways Having A Busy Life Makes You More Resourceful


Busy is the new happy.

Ever have one of those times in your life where it feels like you're trying to juggle a million things at once? Between dealing with school or work, your family, and trying to sneak in some time for fun, sometimes life can feel a bit like a Georgia hurricane.

The trick, however, is not to focus on the stress that such situations can inevitably produce, but on the lessons, ​you can glean from them.

Here we've pulled together a list of upsides when it comes to life's busy times and how they can be fertile soil for lessons in resourcefulness.

1. You Learn To Go With the Flow


Though business is something that happens to all of us at some point, it's also sort of an art form.

Rather than getting overwhelmed in hectic situations, the more comfortable you become at managing multiple tasks, the better you're going to be able to handle those situations when life throws you a curve ball.

2. It Can Teach You To Kick Procrastination To the Curb


Perhaps one of the greatest lessons that business can offer is how much more productive you are when you stop putting things off.

It's during the busy times in life that you learn the value of things like making lists, scheduling, and getting the little things out of the way when you've got the chance.

3. You Learn To Argue Less and Listen More


No one knows the importance of learning to pick their battles better than a person whose got better things to do than argue.

The odds are, when you do take the time to engage in disagreements, it's only going to be the important ones.

4. You Learn To Fix Things On the Fly


There's no better lesson in creativity than being pressed for time.

Rather than counting on conventional methods, you'll be surprised at what brilliant solutions you can come up with when you have no other choice.

5. It Can Teach You Not To Stress Over the Little Things


Why? Simply put because you'll no longer have time to.

Rather than let the little things get you down, you're more likely to stay focused on what's really important.

6. You Learn To Insist People Bring You Solutions Rather Than Problems


When you're in leading a team in a work environment, there's sometimes a temptation to take on everyone else's problems and try to fix them yourself.

Once you get busy with your own tasks, however, there's just not going to be time to fall into that trap.

This can be a great lesson in boundaries and learning to ask people for solutions rather than allowing them to he​ap their problems onto your already long to-do list.

7. It Can Be a Chance To Learn A Lot Quickly


When you've got a lot going on, the odds are that you're going to start exploring a variety of different resources that you can depend on to get the info you need.

This can be a great exercise in learning which ones to rely on for all your future needs.

Who knows what kinds of cool info and skills you'll pick up, just out of necessity?

8. You Increase Your Personal and Business Networks


The more you're out there doing your thing, the less you're going to be at home Netflixing with the cats.

This inevitably means you're going to be meeting people all the time, some of whom will hopefully go on to become business contacts and friends.

9. It Can Be a Lesson In Asking For and Accepting Help


There's always the temptation to go it alone, no matter what the situation. The truth is however, no one should have too.

So every now and then it's not a bad thing to be forced to ask for help whether in personal or business matters and accept it when it comes.

10. You Learn To Be More Open-Minded and Think Outside the Box


From time to time we may not even realize how stuck in our ways we've become until they don't work anymore.

Being pressed to get a lot done at once can help you open up your world and look for other solutions that may have alluded you.

11. It Can Boost Your Self-Confidence


This one only works provided that by staying so busy, you're actually getting a lot done.

If you're able to look back on a busy time and feel great about all the accomplishments that have come as a result, that's awesome!

If not, however, and you feel like such a lifestyle is actually holding you back, it may be time to ask yourself if you're staying busy with the right things.

12. It May Even Be Good For Your Memory


Recent studies have shown that leading a busy lifestyle may actually keep your mind sharp and boost your memory.

This of course will allow you to stay alert and more productive later into life.

13. It Can Give You a Sense of Purpose


The next time you get stressed out over how busy you are, rather than let it get you down, try to take it as a compliment because it means that you are needed.

After all, being busy with a variety of different things means that people trust you and have allowed you to take on a wide range of responsibilities.

This can be a safeguard against falling into loneliness and provide you with a sense of purpose provided you find healthy ways to navigate it.

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