13 Thoughts Every Single Bridesmaid Has Had

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There's nothing like a wedding...

On one hand the prospect of attending a good friend's wedding while single is about as appealing as walking into a candy store while on a strict diet.

On the other however, there's always that vague but insistent idea that just perhaps this will be the day you meet the single groomsman of your dreams and ride off into your own lovesick sunset in the not so distant future.

Generally however, the art of being a gracefully single bridesmaid tends to fall somewhere in between. Here's a look at some of the most common thoughts you're likely to find racing through the mind of a woman whose found herself in such a position.

1. Would a Group Dress Veto Be Inappropriate? I'm Tryna' Hook a Groomsman.

2. This Means I Get to Help Organize the Bachelorette Party Right?

3. ....Cause I Could Reeeeally Use a Bachelorette Party

4. Are All Brides This Grumpy? I Make a Vow Not To Be This Grumpy.

5. My Girl Betta Have My Back When They Pair Us With Groomsman

6. Oh God What If I Never Meet Anyone and Die Alone With My Cats?

7. Hold On, Whose This Now? He's Cute. Wonder If He Digs Cats?

8. Probably I Should Start Looking For My Dress Now In Case I Meet Someone

9. Would It Be Bad Form To Start Drinking Before the Actual Ceremony?

10. I'm Gonna Go Out Later While My Hair and Make-Up Still Look Awesome

11. Omg Speech Time. Is the Cute Groomsman Watching? He's Watching.

12. Omg This Is So Beautiful. Why Didn't I Splurge For the Waterproof Mascara?

13. She Better Remember This When My Day Comes

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