13 Ridiculously Bizarre Fears All Women Actually Have

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Constantly wondering if your bra strap's peeping out to say hello...

Though they may not be flattering or even make sense, there are just some ridiculously bizarre fears no woman can ever fully shake.

1. Vague But Insistent Webcam Worries


When you're watching Netflix while you get ready and can't help but entertain the notion that there's some pervy guy out there whose hacked into your webcam in order to watch the entire scene unfold.

2. Constantly Wondering If Your Bra Strap's Peeping Out To Say Hello


The comfort of knowing your girls are securely tucked into their assigned seats. The joys of wearing an adorable slightly off shoulder top. The horror of having to chose just one.

3. The Actually Innocent Empty-Handed Guilt Surge


That awkward moment when you wanna leave a store without buying anything, but are scared the security guard assumes you've got a mass of semi-precious stolen items in your purse.

4. The Quick Shave Delima


The worst= those mornings when you have to shave your legs in a hurry and then walk around all day wondering if you missed a long, flowing spot of hair and are sporting legs that look like this.

5. The Completely Unfounded Pregnancy Fear


Ever notice how every time your "Aunt Flo" is a few days late, you immediately assume you must be the first woman ever to have gotten pregnant simply by shaking hands with a man?

6. When You See An Adorable Cat Eyeing Your Chest Area


Every. damn. time.

7. When Another Girl Asks To Borrow Your Hair Tie...


...and you haven't the heart to tell her that it's your favorite one. That only one whose stretchiness is perfectly adjusted to circle your hair exactly three times with just the right amount of gentle yet sturdy tension.

8. When You're On Your Period and Have Been Sitting For a Long Time


Eventually, there comes that moment where the fear of what may happen if you get up overshadows your need to rise and go in search of a bigass pretzel.

9. When Laundry Day Forces You To Venture Out In These


...and you inevitably meet a gorgeous guy. There's nothing worst than spending the entire conversation assuming he knows everything your zipper is trying so desperately to hide.

10. The Eternal Dread of An Accidental Upload


It seems there's an unwritten law that every sexy/goofy photo you take of yourself must be accompanied with the mild terror that you've somehow changed your phone settings to "send photo to entire family and every contact ever."

11. That Nagging Feeling You Forgot To Turn Off Your Curling Iron


Which is always accompanied by the fear that your home now consequently looks like this.

12. When You Go Swimming Or Boating While On Your Period


...and spend the whole afternoon waiting for the inevitable to ensue.

13. When You're Trying On Ambitiously Small Clothes In the Store


....and can't stop hoping there are no security measures in place that utilize two way mirrors.

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