13 Important Things All Introverts Wish Their Partner Knew


Their need for alone time doesn't mean they don't love being with you.

If you've found yourself in a relationship with an introvert and you're an outgoing extrovert, it may seem like foreign territory.

But unlike the common introverted stereotypes, not all introverts are anti-social or shy.

Here are some clues to help you navigate!

1. They’re Not Necessarily Anti-Social or Shy


Forget the stereotypes when it comes to introverts! It's not that they are necessarily painfully shy or hate interacting with people.

The difference is that whereas extroverts find themselves invigorated and energized by being around people, introverts don't. Instead they recharge via periods of alone time during which they can read, write, process their thoughts, or just relax.

Whereas too much alone time may make you lonely, introverts find it refreshing and relaxing.

2. Large Crowds Can Get Very Overwhelming Very Quickly


Whereas extroverts love the thrill of a large party with lots of noise, introverts can find the whole experience incredibly draining.

Such environments make them feel overstimulated, especially if they don't know many people there well.

3. They Love Interacting With People, Just Not the Same Way You Do


Though they may not crave the allure of parties or large crowds, this is not at all to say that introverts don't enjoy people at all.

They actually love forming deeper, more personal relationships but just prefer to interact with people in smaller, more tight nit groups.

4. They’re Not the Biggest Fans of Phone Calls


Don't be surprised if an introvert isn't into sitting around making on the phone for long periods of time, as small talk just isn't really their bag.

When it comes to conversations, they prefer quality over quantity and would prefer a deeper, more sincere conversation to random chatting any day.

They are generally very introspective and huge fans of writing, so shoot them an email or text any time you want to make their day.

5. A Comfortable Silence Is Music To Their Ears


For introverts, awkward silences may not be as awkward as you think.

Just because they don't feel the need to fill every single moment with conversation doesn't mean that they're uncomfortable with the quiet that ensues.

They're simply a lot more comfortable with their own thoughts and prefer them to small talk.

6. They Don’t Dig Talking During Movies Or TV Shows


While it's not necessary to take a vow of silence while you're on the couch together, introverts would prefer not to make conversation just for the hell of it while matching a movie or TV show.

They love getting caught up in a great story and can get so into it that they may find random attempts at chatting really distracting. Don't be afraid to relax while their imaginations run wild.

7. It's Not You, It's Their Thoughts Processing


When an introvert takes some time to themselves to soak up the silence or daydream, don't panic that it's a sign that they're sad or angry with you.

This is simply how they recharge and process life and is not necessarily a sign that anything's wrong at all.

8. They Don't Need To Be Fixed


While you may think of the need for time alone as a bad thing, it's just as normal for an introvert as your need to be around people is for you.

Neither introverts or extroverts are healthier or better than the other, they're simply different types of people.

9. They Don't Crave the Spotlight


While you may love being the center of attention, introverts have no need for it at all, so don't feel bad about hogging the spotlight.

The more important thing is that you remember not to leave them hanging at a large gathering where they don't know anybody.

They're more than okay with playing a supporting role to your antics but crave the safety of having you nearby if they don't know many people.

10. Their Need For Alone Time Doesn't Mean They Don't Love Being With You


Just because an introvert may need time to compress when they first get home after work on a long day, doesn't at all mean they don't want to spend time with you.

In fact, they tend to find the people in their lives incredibly meaningful and are just trying to decompress so they can get the most of their time with you afterwards.

11. They Love It When You Take Their Needs Into Consideration On Dates


Especially if you've just started dating, a great way to win the trust of an introvert is to take little things into consideration that'll make them feel more comfortable.

For instance, when you go to a restaurant, ask for a table that's near a window rather than right in the middle of the dining room.

If you're going to a concert or other large event, shoot for aisle seats, so that they can slip out to recharge if they need to.

12. PDA Makes Them Really Uncomfortable


No matter how much you love your introvert, trust that there's no need to declare it to the world via a massive display of PDA.

They discussed, they don't like being the center of attention and find the idea of someone watching them swap tongue-y kisses with you really embarrassing.

13. You're Not the Only One Compromising


While being an extrovert whose trying to make life easier for your introvert partner may seem like a lot of work, remember that it's not a one way street!

While sometimes their behavior may make about as much sense to you as a foreign language, keep in mind that they occasionally feel the same way and are working to meet you midway as well.

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