13 Hilariously Savage Responses To The "Why Don't You Want Kids?" Question


Number 12 is too good.

While some of us ladies are definitely wired to be amazing moms, others of us just never really got the calling.

As anyone who has defied the societal expectations of childbearing can tell you, after a certain age the "why don't you want kids?" question starts to fly... sometimes a lot.

If you're getting a little tired of attempting to explain your decision the polite way then fear not. Here are a list of not-so-patient ways to explain your choice to the tactless.

1. (Silently Glare In the Direction of Inquirer's Own Children)

2. The Contents Of These Pants Are For Recreational Use Only

3. I'll Use My Uterus For Procreation When You Use Your Vocal Cords for an Opera Career

4. We Actually Have One On the Way But Keep Missing the UPS Guy

5. Dunno. I Can't Figure Out Why I'd Wanna Do What I Want All the Time Forever Either.

6. (Covering Your Dogs Ears) Omg Quiet! She Doesn't Know She's Adopted Yet

7. Just Can't Seem To Find a Time To Fit It Into My Schedule

8. I've a Got Real Issue With the Return Policy On Those

9. As If Things Aren't Bad Enough Already

10. Why? Is There a Shortage?

11. I Love Kids. Just Not As Much as My Hips, Sex Life, Freedom, and Money

12. I Prefer To Get My Screaming, Crying, and Vomiting Fix at the Bar, Thanks

13. Don't Wanna Ruin My Favorite Thing About Kids: The Fact That I Have None

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