13 Hilariously Regrettable Online Shopping Purchases We've All Made


The struggle is REAL.

Online shopping offers convenience, but that doesn't mean it offers accuracy! If you've ever ordered something online, you know that what you get isn't always as advertised.

Here are 14 of the biggest online shopping disasters:

1. When You Learn the Dangers of Skimming the Dimensions the Hard Way


2. When You Try To Score a Better Deal By Getting the Child-Sized Version

3. True Dat.

4. The Day You Discover That "Fully Functional" Isn't Everything

5. Or That How It Looks On the Model Is No Guarantee

6. Sometimes Size Measurements Lie

7. When Sellers Get Ambitious About What Constitutes a "Large Breed"

8. Et Tu Online Flower Shop?

9. Why Photos of the Product From Every Angle are More Kinda Crucial

10. Never Underestimate the Importance of the Zoom Button

11. When Stealth Doesn't Go Exactly As You'd Planned

12. When You Forget To Read Over What Exactly Is Included

13. Did We Mention To Never Forget To Check the Dimensions?

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