13 Hilarious Conversations You've Definitely Had With Your Cat

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You're one cat short of crazy, aren't you?

As anyone who has ever lived with a cat knows, there are various conversations with your cat that inevitably unfold over time.

Though kitty kind may not be blessed with the power of human speech, they tend to find ways to say plenty in their own way.

So whether you're long-time kitty lover or are considering the joys of adoption, here you'll find a list of cat owner conversations that are sure to bring a smile to your face.

1. The Late Night Emergency Plea


You: Buddy, it's 2am and mommy's trying to sleep.

Cat: Cool, I'll just do this while I wait for you to awake and refill my bowl.

2. The Adorable Instagram Photo Session


You: Aww, Come on, just one pic!

Cat: For this you shall die in your sleep.

3. The Vacuum Discussion


You: Honey, Mom needs to vacuum up that dirt....

Cat: What is this sorcery and how do I bat it back to hell where it belongs?!

4. On Responsibility


You: Sigh You had one job.

Cat: I've decided to call him Bob.

5. When They Acquire a Little Extra Fluff


You: Maybe it's time we look into low-fat kitty foods?

Cat: It was the door. Someone clearly shrunk it in my absence.

6. Upon Presenting Them With a Gift


You: Buddy look, I got you a new kitty castle!

Cat: Omg that ribbon you put on top!

You: Yeah, but the castle was the most deluxe, expensive one in the store...

Cat: (clutching ribbon to heart) Preeeeciousss.....

7. When You Try To Sneak In Personal Time


You: Sweetie, let mom finish her workout and then we can play.

Cat: I said now, Human!

8. When They've Perfumed Themselves In the Garbage Can


You: You'll smell so much prettier!

Cat: Every man for himself! Tell my mother I love her!

9. When You Need To Send a Work E-mail


You: Sweetie, can Mom borrow the...

Cat: I was here first!

You: But I really need to....


10. When It Comes To Impossibly Small Spaces


You: Hey fluffy stuff, I just got you that new cat bed.

Cat: Don't tell me how to live my life.

11. When You Sit Down To Enjoy a Snack


Cat: Hark, a food! I must lick it!

You: Buddy, this is people food....

Cat: Did I stutter?

12. When Kitty Walks In On You and Dad's Private Time


You: Um...about what happened back there...

Cat: What has been seen can not be unseen.

13. When You Try To Stop Brushing Them


You: Okay, kitty! Wanna go do something else now?

You Again:....kitty?

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