13 Heartwarming Times A Daughter Will Always Need Her Dad

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You'll always be his little girl.

No matter how old she gets, there are certain times a girl just needs her dad. Here's a shout-all to dads and all the reasons we love them.

1. When She Needs a Man That'll Always Treat Her Like a Princess

2. ...And Will Always Take Interest In Her Pursuits

3. When They Need Someone To Explain Sports, Without Ever Getting Frustrated

4. When She Needs Someone To Remind Her How Strong She Is

5. ...And Will Always Think Of Her As the Most Beautiful Woman In the World

6. There's Never a Better Shoulder To Cry On When a Man Hurts Her

7. ...Or a Better Person To Remind Her What Kind of Man She Deserves

8. When She Needs a Listening Ear... and Improvised Advice

9. Those Times She Just Needs To Hear That It's Gonna Be Okay

10. When She Needs Someone Who Will Always Catch Her When She Falls

11. ....And Can Always Fix Anything or Figure Out How

12. When She Needs Someone Who Can Always Make Her Smile

13. ....and Is Always There To Offer Her Unconditional Love

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