13 Bizarre Confessions Every Woman Can Relate To


Number 5 is too real.

You know those quirky little short cuts you take every now and then or odd experiences you've always wondered if you were the only one who had?

The chances are that when it comes to such things, you're far from alone.

So the next time you wonder if you're the only one who celebrates the chair back as the beautiful clothing limbo between the hamper and the closet, come on in.

Here you'll find a collection of things a vast majority of us do as women, even if you may or may not catch any of us admitting it.

1. When You Only Shave What'll Show Through Your Rippy Jeans

2. When You're Surrounded By Men

When You're Surrounded By Other Women

3. When You Over-Do It Tryna' Hang With the Boys Like:

4. When You're On a First Date With a Hot Guy....

...And The Whole Time Your Imagination's Like:

5. When You Wear These To Guarantee You Don't Sleep With Him Too Soon

6. Certain Shave Zones Are Between a Woman and Her Tiny Razor

7. The Unspoken Law No Lady Is Responsible For Anything Said While Waxing

8. When No One Can Believe How Well You're Diet's Going

9. The True Meaning of "I Woke Up Like This"

10. The Amazing Power Of How Long Jeans And Bras Can Go Between Washes

11. When Aunt Flow Catches You Off Guard And You Gotta Go All MacGyver

12. How You Feel When You're Able To Lend A Tampon To A Woman In Need

13. The Dark Side Of Skirts Men Will Never Understand

Know someone who may be wondering if they're the only one who wears the same clothes two days in a row cause they didn't see anyone important on the first?

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