Quiz: Which Character From 'The Flash' Are You?

Barry Allen dressed as The Flash in The CW's The Flash, movies/tv
The Flash via The CW

Are you more like Barry, Caitlin, Iris, or Cisco? Take this quiz now to find out which 'The Flash' character you're most like!

If you're a fan of The CW's The Flash, you've probably wondered which character you're most like. Take this quiz to discover which character you are!

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Here at women.com, we're pretty big fans of The CW's superhero series The Flash. We always know at which time it comes on every night and where we can watch it online, in case we happen to miss an episode.

We've loved this show for years, so of course we've always wondered which character we're most like. And that's when we had the genius idea to create a quiz that would tell all of our fellow The Flash fans which character they are. Take this quiz now to discover if you're more like Barry, Caitlin, Iris, or Cisco. The results may surprise you!

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