Quiz: How Petty Are You?

Are you more or less petty than you think?

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 May 10, 2018
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Have you ever subtweeted anyone?
I do it at least twice a day
On occasion

Question: 2/10Choose Your Answer:

Do you leave people on read?
Why would I do that?
It depends on the situation

Question: 3/10Choose Your Answer:

Have you ever said, "I think it's funny how..."?
Every other day
Maybe once or twice

Question: 4/10Choose Your Answer:

When would you respond to a text message with just "K"?
Only if I'm really mad at someone
All the time, because someone usually annoys me
I wouldn't

Question: 5/10Choose Your Answer:

Do you hold grudges?
I prefer to forgive and forget
For like a day, but then I get over it
I'm still upset about someone stealing my pencil in first grade

Question: 6/10Choose Your Answer:

What irritates you the most?
Everything annoys me

Question: 7/10Choose Your Answer:

Have you ever deleted your messages with someone when you were mad at them?
Only conversations with exes
I would never

Question: 8/10Choose Your Answer:

How many people have you blocked?
A few
No one
The list is way too long

Question: 9/10Choose Your Answer:

Do you keep track of who unfollows you on social media?
Who has the time?
I have like seven different apps for that

Question: 10/10Choose Your Answer:

Do you think you're petty?
Of course
Not in the slightest
Maybe a little bit
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Everybody's a little petty. Some of us more than others. If you're wondering how petty you actually are, well, you've come to the right place. Take this quiz right now to discover what percent petty you are. Will it be more or less than you think?