18 Hilarious Tweets About USA Winning the Women's World Cup

Team USA standing on a podium celebrating their 4th Women's World Cup win (2019)
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One nation. One team.

Twitter Had the Best Reaction to Team USA Winning The Women's World Cup

It has been quite the eventful Women's World Cup this year, and the previous champs held onto their title once again.

In case you've been living under a rock, Team USA won their fourth Women's World Cup on Sunday, July 7 in a 2 - 0 victory against the Netherlands. It wasn't an easy road to the finals, but our ladies did it.

This tournament was a little different than years past, mainly because the women were fighting for something more than another star on their shirtβ€”they were championing the need for equal pay. The men's team makes a considerable amount more than these women, who are arguably better than their male counterparts and even bring in more money for U.S. soccer than the men.

While the chants for equal pay echo across social media platforms, Twitter really set the bar high with their reactions to Team USA's historic World Cup victory.

We've rounded up some of the best for you to enjoy right now, as you relive the win over and over and over again. Go Team USA!

1. Goodbye, Patriarchy! Hello, Matriarchy:

2. That's grounds for a divorce:

3. Arguably the best tweet to celebrate the occasion:

4. Flex on the haters, as they say:

5. We have a new president:

6. We're not crying, you're crying:


8. Equal pay! Equal pay! Equal pay:

9. From one icon to another:

10. We're beaming with pride for this team:

11. And it's great for the economy:

12. Pathetic:

13. This is for all of you:

14. That's it:

15. It's what they deserve:

16. Something doesn't add up:

17. That would be one fire mixtape:

18. Seems fitting:

Team USA Women's World Cup Highlights

Before we let you go, we figured you'd probably want to relive some of the highlights from this incredible group of players once more. We don't know about you, but we're not ready to let them go.

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