5 Escape Rooms You Can Only Experience in Wisconsin

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Best Wisconsin Escape Rooms

Wisconsin is an interesting state filled with things to do around every corner, including escape rooms.

Yep, the Badger State is home to some of the most exciting and thrilling escape rooms you'll ever participate in.

Whether you plan on visiting or currently reside there, scroll below for the best escape rooms in Wisconsin!

Operation City Quest

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This digital family-friendly scavenger hunt will take you all around the city to find items and complete challenges. If you don't already know the area, you will now. It's prefect for groups of two, four, or six.

James Bomd Escape Room Mission

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Play out your James Bond fantasy with this James Bomb escape room. You have 60 minutes to unshackle you and your fellow agents, deactivate a bomb, and flee before it explodes. Think you can handle it?

The Raid on Mr. Croft’s Museum Escape Room Mission

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Anyone obsessed with Tomb Raider needs to experience this escape room. For this mission, you'll help protect Mr. Croft's most prized possessions from being stolen by a disgruntled ex-employee that's cleverly disguised himself as part of the security team.

Mr. Dupree Escape Room Mission

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With the help of your fellow CIA agents, you must collect evidence on the illusive Mr. Dupree by sneaking into his office. Can you get what you want and make a swift exit before he returns?

Amazing Scavenger Hunt Adventure

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Milwaukee will become your playground as you travel around the city searching for clues on your phone. It's a great way to really experience all Milwaukee has to offer, because there's more to it than meets the eye.

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