Why Tyler C. Shouldn't Go On a Date With Hannah B.

Tyler C. looking at Hannah B. during one of the final rose ceremonies on 'The Bachelorette'
The Bachelorette via ABC

Hear me out, Tyler!

A Desperate Plea for Tyler C.

I don't watch The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise, nor any of the spin-offs they create.

I grew up watching messy relationship reality shows like Rock of Love and Flavor of Love and all the other raunchy "of love" shows the likes of MTV and VH1 produced. So the thought of watching a dating show where people are actually in it for commitment and don't get into explosive fights 24/7 just wan't going to cut it for me.

There's really no reason for me stating that, other than to let you know I'm not as caught up on The Bachelorette as I should be. What little I know of this season, with Hannah B. as the bachelorette, comes from the headlines I read on the websites I visit daily and the memes that regularly infiltrate my social media feeds.

This season was, from what I heard, somewhat of a disaster. Apparently, there was a Luke P. that caused loads of unwanted, unnecessary drama (though, are we surprised?) and was an all-around bad guy. Given the fact that he slut-shamed Hannah B. and seemed to be gaslighting everyone, I'm not sure I'd be able to take seeing him on my TV screen every single week without wanting to punch a hole in the wall. How he made it so far is a mystery to me, but he does make good television, so there's that.

Among the heap of undesirable bachelors, there was one that stole America's heart—Tyler C. whose only flaw is that he hails from Jupiter, Florida.

I'll be honest, I took one look at him and was ready to slide into his DMs inviting him to ruin my life whenever he had the chance. I was almost willing to suffer through this season to watch him when I caught clips of him being A) incredibly hot and B) an above average guy who seems to be somewhat of a feminist? I'm still looking into that, but my heart is telling me he gets it.

Long story short, he made it to the final two, but then Hannah B. picked some guy named Jed over him. No offense to anyone, but Jed? Come on! That name already brings a ton of red flags with it, which weren't entirely wrong, seeing as he had a girlfriend the whole time he was on the show.

So Hannah B. confronts him about the situation and he tries to weasel his way out of taking the blame, but she won't let anything slide. In true Eleven fashion, she pulls an "I dump your ass" on Jed and calls off the engagement.

This brings us to the after show, which I believe is called After the Final Rose, where Hannah B. discusses all of this drama with the cowboys they picked out for her this season. Then, Tyler C. gets his moment to see the girl who rejected his proposal and she asks him out.

I could feel the happiness seeping out of every fault line in this country. While the rest of Bachelor Nation cheered on Hannah B. taking Tyler C. back, I couldn't help but feel (okay, apparently I turned into Carrie Bradshaw in this moment) as though he deserved better.

Again, I didn't watch this series, so I have no idea about the relationship that was built between the two of them or what went on behind-the-scenes or even after the show was filmed—but why go back to someone who turned you down and is now only accepting you because plan Jed didn't go as planned?

As a woman who has been tossed to the side for other women by plenty of "men," only to have those same male suitors come back when that relationship didn't go as expected, I have lived this narrative more times than I'd like to admit to the five people reading this article. And as I am still a very single gal, it's safe to say taking those losers back didn't do anything for me.

Now, Tyler C., I know you don't know me and might not read this, but please hear me out. You deserve better. You deserve someone who sees you as their endgame and not an option at a buffet table. Hannah B. seems like a lovely girl and from the brief interactions I've seen between the two of you, there's evident chemistry. Still, she was ready to give it all away for someone named Jed who lied about having a girlfriend and writes dog food jingles as a living (which actually sounds kind of fun...).

Here's the thing, I know you're so ready to jump back into what the two of you had. You're ready to pick up where you left off and start a new chapter together. I, along with the rest of the country, want nothing more than for you to be happy. I'm sure plenty of them hope that would come in the form of sitting on your face, but they still want you to be happy nonetheless. The same goes for you, Hannah B. We want you to find your Prince Charming and live out that fairytale life you've been dreaming about.

But I wholeheartedly believe the two of you need some time apart. Don't get back together because it's somehow now convenient. What would've happened if plan Jed did work out? Where would you be, Tyler C.? What would you be doing with your life? Pining after a girl who rejected you? I hope not. There are millions of women (probably even some guys and maybe even a few non-binary folks) who would happily fill the Hannah B.-sized hole in your heart.

Now, don't get me wrong—I think the two of you are a beautiful couple who absolutely belong together, just not right now. Go be free, live your best lives, and see other people. Then if you both start to realize that what you have really is meant to be, give it a go. The timing is not right, as much as you believe it is. When it is, you'll know.

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