5 Valid Reasons Morning Sex Is the Best

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No cup of coffee can do what morning sex can!

Morning Sex Is the Best Type of Sex and You Can't Convince Me Otherwise

I don't know how to say this in a way that doesn't make me seem like a nyphomaniac, but I love sex.

If I could have sex every single day for the rest of my life, I would. It'd probably get old after a while and I'd immediately regret that decision, but still, sex is fucking great.

Not only does it make me a stress-free, much happier individual, there are so many physical health benefits being penetrated regularly offers. One of them being that my body looks banging, pun absolutely intended. And because of that, my self-esteem goes through the roof. I'm an unstoppable woman when I've having intercourse on a consistent basis. Seeing as I am single, that doesn't always happen as often as I would like, but I digress.

All this to say, I've had some pretty great sex in my life. While most of my most memorable encounters happened after the sun set, it's not my favorite time of day to get it on. I'm a huge proponent of morning sex for so many reasons. It really is the best type of sex one could ever have.

You might have your doubts, but after reading through why I believe morning sex is the best type of sex, you'll feel otherwise.

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It Gives You More Energy

There's nothing like a strong cup of black coffee to jumpstart my day, but no amount of joe will do the same that morning sex does. After a quick post-coital session, I'm ready to go on with my day and can accomplish more tasks than I ever thought possible. Sex in the evening will make me sleepy, but morning sex has the opposite effect.

You're a Happier Person All Day After the Fact

I am often not a joyful person. I tend to let stress get to me, which brings me down overtime. Even when I'm trying to be aware of my pessimistic behavior, it only causes me to be more cynical and glum. Point being, I'm a raging bitch more often than not. But partaking in morning sex turns me into the office Disney princess. I'm nice to everyone, including those I normally try to avoid. I radiate sunshine, for Pet's sake. This optimism doesn't just last for a day, it continues on for up to a week sometimes. The University of Cincinnati proved I wasn't the only one to experience these effects after morning sex with this study.

Morning Sex Is Way More Intimate

I don't crave intimacy all that often. I'm more of a "thanks for penetrating me, now please get out" type of gal myself, but when I really do like someone, I want to get closer. For me, that's what morning sex is reserved for. Sex during the witching hour is more fun and adventurous, but sex in the a.m. is all about breaking down the walls and wearing my heart on my bedsheets.

There's Less Pressure to Perform

Morning sex is very raw and uninhibited, taking a lot of the pressure off the act. You both wake up all groggy and just let your body take over to get down to business. There's no pressure to look good, because you're both already naked and gross. I don't know about you, but I greatly appreciate that aspect.

Achieving Orgasm Is Way Easier

Because there's less pressure to perform and be this sex goddess, I find it so much easier to orgasm in the mornings. It happens quicker and more intensely than it does in the evening. And that's not just a "me" thing, it happens for a lot of other women.

There You Have It

At this point, I should've convinced you morning sex is the superior of all sexes. If I haven't, then you're lying to yourself. Now, go to bed, wake up next to someone, and get to boning.

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