5 Reasons Why Public Speaking Is Important

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It makes you a better communicator.

Why Is Public Speaking Important?

Public speaking—the thought of it alone ignites fear into many.

In fact, it's one of the most common phobias in the world, affecting three out of four people.

When most people discuss it, they generally give you advice on how to get over your fear of public speaking. They'll offer you books and lectures and video series all aimed at helping you deliver a speech without feeling nauseous or light-headed.

What all these helpful tools fail to mention is why public speaking is even important in the first place. Because to begin to get over your phobia, you should understand what being skilled in public speaking has to offer you.

Keep scrolling to discover the top five reasons public speaking is important to helping you succeed in life.

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It Makes You a Better Leader

Those who are gifted at public speaking tend to be rather influential figures. They know how to command attention from a crowd, getting almost anyone to go along with what they have to say.

Being able to do this isn't easy, but it does give you the opportunity to allow your opinions to be heard. And if the right person comes along and sees how well you can get others to follow your lead, you might just find yourself in a position of power.

That being said, we hope you use your persuasive skills for good and not evil, because there have been plenty of dictators who've used their charismatic speaking abilities for all the wrong reasons.

It Increases Your Self-Confidence

Again, public speaking is a tough skill to master. Even those who are trained in it have taken years to get to where they are now. And that doesn't mean they still don't get nervous from time to time before giving a big speech.

Once you find yourself being able to recite a speech in front of a crowd without feeling unsure of yourself, you'll slowly start to notice an increase in your self-confidence. You'll be able to chat up anyone and won't feel as though there's anything holding you back.

It'll Strengthen Your Communication Skills

This is almost a no-brainer, but if you're able to give a speech to hundreds of people as confidently as possible, you'll find it easier to communicate your wants and needs with your loved ones.

When you discover the best ways to express yourself, it makes it a lot less difficult to communicate with those around you. You'll be able to tell your S.O. you need some time apart or inform your boss why you deserve a raise.

Though you don't necessarily need to master public speaking to be an excellent communicator, it definitely helps.

It's Easier for You to Socialize

Spending time with other people isn't necessarily everyone's cup of tea. It can be exhausting and draining only spending one hour with a bunch of humans you know very little about. And then having to interact with them is a whole other hardship most people don't want to endure.

But by being skilled in public speaking, you'll find it easier to chat with a wide variety of people and not feel uncertain or out of place. In fact, you might actually enjoy it more knowing you can have a fun and engaging conversation with just about anyone.

So if you're looking to be more social and put yourself out there, mastering public speaking is the way to go.

It Gives You the Opportunity to Stand Out

We've said it before and we'll say it again, not everyone is skilled at public speaking. It takes years of practice and dedication to the craft to feel comfortable delivering a rousing speech in front of even the smallest of audiences.

So if you can master this skill, it'll help you stand out from the crowd in a variety of different aspects. Your boss will notice your hard work and leadership skills. A potential new fling will admire your confidence and candor. Heck, the whole world will be impressed by all you can do. So why not give public speaking all you've got? You never know where it'll take you!

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