Why Bother Dating After 50? We Can Think of a Few Reasons

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Wondering 'Why Bother Dating After 50'? THIS Is Why

Dating after 50 often has you feeling like you're perpetually trapped in no-man's-land.

Not only do you question whether or not you'll find someone to develop a meaningful relationship with, you begin to chip away at your own self-worth little bit little. You worry it's you that isn't good enough, convincing yourself you aren't worthy of love.

We're here to remind you none of that's true. Yes, dating after 50 still brings its plethora of problems, but if you're questioning why you should even bother dating after 50, we're here to derail this train before it goes too far.

You should absolutely continue dating, even when you're over the age of 50. Though you may feel hopeless and your romantic future looks like a bleak, dismal mess, we've got a few reasons why you should bother dating after 50.

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To Meet New People

Dating isn't simply about developing romantic relationships, but rather connecting with like-minded people to spend your days with. You may meet someone who ends up becoming one of your closest friends, and that wouldn't happen if you didn't go on a date with them first. No matter how much you appreciate your alone time, no one ever wants to be completely alone for the rest of their life. Go out there and meet to people to bond with.

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To Develop Meaningful Romantic Relationships

This is a given, but if you give up on dating, you likely won't develop a meaningful romantic relationship. We know everyone says that you'll find someone when you stop looking, but we call BS. You have to be looking to find someone. Your soulmate can't be delivered through FedEx, so you have to put yourself out there to find them.

When you do feel burnt out if nothing is coming from you going on date after date after date, don't feel bad about taking a break. You don't have to date 24/7, so feel free to bench yourself when you can tell you need a time out. We support it!

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To Face Your Fear of Rejection

A lot of people stop dating out of their fear of rejection. After 50, it's still tough to be rejected by anyone, but it shouldn't stop you from playing the field. Stare rejection dead in the eye and let it know it doesn't scare you. This will only strengthen your self-confidence, which brings us to our next point.

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To Strengthen Your Confidence

As you get older (and wiser), your confidence begins to grow. But the more you start dating, your belief in yourself slowly starts to wear down over time. You begin to question your self-worth, mainly because of how other people view you. Though you may not believe it, the more you confront this fear of not being good enough and face rejection head-on, the more your confidence will soar. You'll realize rejection really isn't all that bad and as long as you love yourself, that's really all that matters.

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To Get Laid

What? You wanted a valid reason to continue dating and this is one of the most valid reasons out there. We know your sex drive may be lower, but it still exists. Contrary to what everyone else believes, you still want to have sex. How can you do that if you don't date? Not everyone you go out with needs to be serious about being in a relationship. You can be with people just for fun, so make it happen. Get your fling on!

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