7 Things You Need to Know About Dating a Woman Over 50

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She knows what she wants.

Here's What You Need to Know About Dating a Woman Over 50

There's a lot you need to know when it comes to dating a woman over 50.

You're no longer in your 20s, so things have definitely changed—all for the better, of course.

We figured it was best you knew what you were up against beforehand, rather than find out later on or go into a relationship with a woman over 50 not knowing what to expect.

Scroll below for seven things you should understand when it comes to dating a woman in her 50s. You can thank us later!

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1. She Knows What She Wants

A woman in her 50s knows exactly what she wants in a relationship and won't settle for anything less. She might've when she was younger, but she surely learned from her mistakes and made it a point to never settle. She'll be entirely honest about your partnership from the get-go, so you'll never second guess where you stand with her—which is both a blessing and a curse. If she's not feeling you, she'll let you go.

2. She's Entirely Confident

Confidence only increases with age, and that can surely be seen in a woman over the age of 50. She's as confident in herself as she's ever been, so nothing and no one will be able to tear her down. She's spent plenty of years doing that herself, but has since learned to love herself more than ever. Above all else, that confidence is sexy and contagious. You'll feel better about yourself after a few hours with her.

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3. She Doesn't Have Time for Games

When she was younger, it was all about the thrill of the chase. Not anymore. She doesn't have time to play the same games she once did when flirting with those she was interested in. Again, she knows what she wants. Everything is more attainable for her, especially without any sort of unnecessary games being played.

4. She Isn't Afraid to Take Initiative

While she may've once waited for whoever she was interested in to make the first move, she doesn't care about that anymore. If she likes you and wants to make something happen, she'll take the initiative. She has no problem "wearing the pants" in the relationship, so don't be afraid when she takes control. it means she must really like you. And if she relinquishes some of it, then she really, really likes you.

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5. She's Not Too Worried About Settling Down

Maybe she's already had her one great love story. Maybe she's tired of things being serious and just wants some fun. Whatever the reason may be, she might not be looking to settle down. She could simply want a companion to have a little fun with. Nevertheless, she'll let you know where she sees it all going, so you'll never feel unsure of where you stand with her.

6. She's Let Go of the Past

The past is in the past and she's completely moved on from it. It held her back when she was younger, but not anymore. She's made peace with it, which only helps her with her current relationships. She has no problem talking about it or discussing it with you, but she doesn't see the need. The present is what's more important to her. If you're still wrapped up in your past, don't even bother dating a woman over 50. She has no time for that mess.

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7. She Dates From the Heart

Once, she wanted to date someone based off their appearance or more trivial matters. Now, she's realized the error in her ways and dates from the heart. When her heart tells her want it wants, she listens. She no longer tries to hide her feelings or seem uninterested so she won't get hurt. Instead, her heart is on her sleeve.

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