7 Things 50-Year-Old Women Want in a Relationship

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Honesty is the best policy.

What Do 50-Year-Old Women Want in a Relationship? We Have Some Ideas

Wondering what women want has been plaguing the minds of men for centuries.

Heck, us women don't even know what we want sometimes. It's a mystery to us all, honestly. Will we ever admit that? Not likely. Yet, here we are revealing some of our secrets, mainly because men asked for it.

They wanted to know what 50-year-old women want in a relationship, so we're going to give it to them. Of course, they'll still have to do some work, i.e. learning how to become a gentleman who's honest, kind, and can make us feel desirable.

May the odds be ever in your favor, gents!

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1. Honesty

Who would've guessed that women over 50 want honesty in a relationship? Probably not men, but let it be known that women do prefer a man who is honest above all else. We all tell little white lies from time to time, so those are allowed. But if you lie constantly about anything, you might want to work on that before entering a relationship with a 50-year-old woman.

2. Romance

As women age, one thing remains the same—we all want to be wooed by romance. If a guy isn't going to sweep us off our feat with a variety of romantic gestures, he's not the one for us. We want flowers, chocolate, champagne, bubble baths, lavish vacations, the works. Give it to us. Our need for romance is almost animalistic, causing us to become wild with rage when we don't get it. Watch out, fellas!

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3. Communication

This should really go without saying, but not all relationships have the best communication. While we as women tend to tolerate that more than we should when we're younger, 50-year-old women don't feel the same. They're tired of all the he-said, she-said drama and prefer to talk everything out. If that's difficult for you, you're likely not mature enough to be with an older woman. What? Someone had to say it.

4. Fun

Same as with men over 50, 50-year-old women want a lot of fun in their relationships. While they still seek stability, it's more important that their relationships later in life are filled with fun and laughter. After all, those are the best kinds of partnerships.

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5. Kindness

According to a study conducted by dating site Zoosk, older woman want someone who is "nice." Younger women tend to be drawn to the bad boys and rebellious types, but older woman don't want that anymore. They've been with it and know no good can from trouble, so nice it is.

6. Desire

Newsflash: Older women want to feel desired. Because of the way society is set up, we believe that once we hit a certain age, we're not sexually desired by anyone. We all know that's not the case, but the more we hear from our partners that they want us, they need us, the more we'll believe it. So desire us, would ya?

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7. Friendship

At the end of the day, older women really do seek companionship in their partners more than anything else. It becomes more difficult to form friendships as we get older, so if the man we're seeing doesn't want to be our friend (in a sense), we'll have no problem kicking him to the curb. Figuratively, of course. Well.. we mean that a bit literally, too.

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