7 Proven Ways Women Can Quickly Increase Their Libido

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Exercise will always do you some good!

Tried and True Ways Women Can Increase Libido

No matter their age, women are having sex.

It's a healthy and important part of any relationship, that not only strengthens your connection with your partner, but has a ton of health-related benefits, too.

While sex is fantastic, sometimes women will experience a stark decrease in their sex drive. There are so many factors that contribute to this, from physical causes and hormone changes to psychological causes and relationship issues.

A low sex drive is relatively normal, with women of all ages experiencing it at some point in their life. One-third of women aged 18 to 59 report having a loss of interest in sex. So how do you increase your desire for sex, especially if you're over your negative feelings towards it? We're glad you asked.

We're breaking down seven proven ways women can instantly boost their libido as little time as possible below!

Exercise Often


Those who exercise regularly tend to have a better sex drive for more reasons than one.

Working out improves one's relationship with their body, making them feel sexier and ready for sex. If you suffer from low body image, sex is likely something that terrifies you more than it excites you. Not to mention, exercise increases your endurance, flexibility, and strength, which are all qualities that make for great sex.

There are also a number of studies that conclude women who are physically active possess greater sexual desire and arousal than women who don't exercise at all. So if you don't already have gym membership, you should get one ASAP.

Add Vitamin C to Your Diet


Vitamin C increases blood circulation in your body, especially your sexual organs, thus boosting your libido.

Foods like broccoli, oranges, strawberries, Brussels sprouts, and more have high levels of Vitamin C, so be sure to add some of these veggies to your diet, if you're not munching down on them already.

Get Enough Sleep


When you're both mentally and physically exhausted, the last thing you want to do after a long day is have sex with your partner. And when you have too much on your plate, scheduling time to do the deed is one thing you don't want to worry about.

Make sure to get as much sleep as your body requires, and don't be afraid to sneak in a little nap during your most hectic days.

Learn How to De-Stress


Stress is a relatively common libido killer.

With so much going on in your life that you need to be aware of, it's easy to become frazzled by all that's on your plate, putting sex on the back burner of things to pay attention to.

When you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed and notice it start to affect your sex drive, take some time away from it all. Spend a few moments decompressing whichever way works for you. This could be through meditation, exercise, or a nice hot bath.

Drink Wine


Studies have shown that women who drink red wine tend to have a higher libido than women who don't.

A glass of wine will almost certainly put you in the mood, but be careful not to over do it. Drinking too much can kill your sex drive.

Communicate With Your Partner


One major (and often, overlooked) reason women suffer from low libido is poor communication with their partners. When you don't spend enough time with the person you're seeing, it takes a toll on your relationship.

No matter how you're feeling, be sure to always communicate that with your partner. It's all about building trust, which will only improve your relationship and your sex life.

Talk to Your Doctor


If all else fails, don't be afraid to talk to a trusted physician about all of your sex-related issues. They will most definitely have the answers you're looking for, which can put you on the right track to increasing your sex drive the healthy way. So the next time you schedule a visit, be sure to ask them your most burning questions. They'll tell you what you need to know.