5 Ways Lush's Products Are Saving the Environment

A collection of Lush's shampoo bars
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Ways Lush's Products Help the Environment

You may not have known this, but Lush Cosmetics is one heck of a brand.

Okay, so maybe you were abundantly aware of this fact, because who isn't a fan of Lush in this day and age?

From their bath bombs and bumble bars to everything in between, there's no item we aren't absolutely obsessed with.

While you purchase these products because they're good for you, little did you know they're also great for the environment. You see, Lush isn't just about creating items that make you feel like the goddess you are, they're also abundantly aware of the affects types of packaging and ingredients have on the environment. That's why they've taken steps to ensure what they put in their bombs, bars, and scrubs don't negatively impact our planet.

Keep on reading for all the ways Lush is doing their very best to save the environment!

1. A Sum of Their Products Are Naked

No need to avert your eyes, Lush's products aren't indecently exposing themselves... well, at least not in the way you're thinking. In order to ditch all the plastic packaging that most products require, 40% of the items in Lush's extensive lineup are naked. This simply means they don't come wrapped in plastic that'll later end up polluting the planet.

2. Their Packaging Is Biodegradable

If you've ever ordered something online from Lush, you know that it gets shipped to you in a box with some packing peanuts. Those little guys tend to wreak havoc on the environment, because they can't be broken down. So Lush outdid themselves by creating a special brand of plant-based and biodegradable packing peanuts that dissolve in water. Not only that, but these peanuts do a better job of keeping products secure and protected against impact than packing material made of polystyrene—better known as the brand name Styrofoam.

3. Their Shampoo Bars Are Game-Changing

Shampoo bottles are horrible for the environment. Why? Because they're plastic. Sure, they can be recycled, but it's not as easy as you'd think. There are certain items that can't be recycled because of what makes them up, which means there is too much plastic to recycle and we need to find other ways to use what we have.

To prevent over 6 million plastic bottles from potentially ending up in our oceans every year, Lush created shampoo bars with zero packaging. But they're so much more amazing than that. They can last up to 80 washes, which is equivalent to 2.5 bottles of regular shampoo. How could you not own at least 10 of them?

4. Their Glitter Is Environmentally-Friendly

Glitter makes us feel all warm inside, so imagine how horrible we felt when we discovered it's not all that great for the environment. Lush felt the same, so instead of using the hazardous substance in their products, they created a plastic-free glitter. This makes them essentially harmless to the environment. Guess all that glitters is gold—if it's Lush, of course.

5. They're a Truly Charitable Business

When visiting a Lush store, the one product you know will always be there is their Charity Pot Body Lotion. It's the first thing you notice as you stand in front of the register, waiting to check out your items.

The lotion doesn't just do wonders for your skin, 100% of the sales (minus the taxes) goes directly towards supporting small grassroots organizations fighting to advance and secure environmental, animal, and human rights. Since 2007, Lush has donated over $27 million to 1,8500 different organizations in more than 42 countries worldwide.