30 'Wayne's World' Quotes That Are Still Hilarious

Wayne and Garth laughing while driving in a car together in 'Wayne's World'
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It's Wayne's world, and we're just living in it!

How Many of These Wayne's World Quotes Do You Recite Daily?

Wayne's World is comedy gold.

Almost 30 years since its release, we still recite some of the iconic lines from the film on a daily basis. Most of the time, we don't even remember they're from Wayne's World. They're so tightly woven into our everyday jargon that we're convinced we were clever enough to come up with them ourselves.

We know we're not alone in this, which is why we rounded up some of the most iconic Wayne's World quotes for you to see how many you sprinkle into your conversations regularly. Enjoy a laugh as you read through them all now!

Best Wayne's World Quotes

  • "Am I supposed to be a man? Am I supposed to say, 'It's okay, I don't mind, I don't mind?' Well, I mind! I mind big time! And you know what the worst part is? I never learned to read." -Wayne

  • "We fear change." -Garth

  • "Will you still love me when I’m in my carbohydrate, sequined-jumpsuit, young-girls-in-white-cotton-panties, waking-up-in-a-pool-of-your-own-vomit, bloated-purple-dead-on-a-toilet phase?" -Wayne

  • "Well, I’m a regular visitor here, but Milwaukee has certainly had its share of visitors. The French missionaries and explorers were coming here as early as the late 1600s to trade with the Native Americans." -Alice Cooper

  • "A gun rack... a gun rack. I don't even own a gun, let alone many guns that would necessitate an entire rack. What am I gonna do with a gun rack?" -Wayne

  • "You don't like it? Fine. You know Wayne, if you're not careful, you're going to lose me." -Stacy

  • "I lost you two months ago. Are you mental? We broke up. Get the net!" -Wayne

  • "Sometimes I wish I could boldly go where no man has gone before... but I'll probably stay in Aurora. What are you thinking about?" -Garth

  • "Well, that's all the time we had for our movie. We hope you found it entertaining, whimsical and yet relevant, with an underlying revisionist conceit that belied the films emotional attachments to the subject matter." -Wayne

  • "I just hoped you didn't think it sucked." -Garth

Funny Wayne's World Quotes

  • "What I’d really love is to do Wayne’s World for a living. It might happen. Yeah, and monkeys might fly out of my butt." -Wayne

  • "Did you ever find Bugs Bunny attractive when he put on a dress and played a girl bunny?" -Garth

  • "I once thought I had mono for an entire year. It turned out I was just really bored." -Wayne

  • "I'm having a good time... not." -Garth

  • "Excellent Scooby-Doo ending." -Wayne

  • "Benjamin is nobody's friend. If Benjamin were an ice cream flavor, he'd be pralines and dick." -Garth

  • "I'd never done a crazy thing in my life before that night. Why is it that if a man kills another man in battle, it's called heroic, yet if he kills a man in the heat of passion, it's called murder?" -Glen

  • "If she were a president, she would be Baberham Lincoln." -Garth

  • "First he screws me, then he screws you. It's Dutch door action." -Wayne

  • "It's like a new pair of underwear: At first, it's constrictive, but after awhile it becomes a part of you." -Garth

Famous Wayne's World Quotes

  • "We're not worthy! We're not worthy!" -Wayne & Garth

  • "No stairway. Denied." -Wayne

  • "Live in the now!" -Garth

  • "It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine." -Wayne

  • "Okay... First I'll access the secret military spy satellite that's in a geosynchronous orbit over the Midwest. Then, I'll ID the limo by the vanity plate "MR. BIGGG" and get his approximate position. Then, I'll reposition the transmitter dish on the remote truck to 17.32 degrees east, hit WESTAR 4 over the Atlantic, bounce the signal down into the Azores, up to COMSAT 6, beam it back to SATCOM 2 transmitter number 137, and down on the dish on the back of Mr. Big's limo... It's almost too easy." -Garth

  • "Are you mental?" -Wayne

  • "Uhm, Wayne? What do you do if every time you see this one incredible woman, you think you're gonna hurl?" -Garth

  • "I say hurl. If you blow chunks and she comes back, she's yours. But if you spew and she bolts, then it was never meant to be." -Wayne

  • "Party on." -Garth

  • "Yes, and it's the choice of a new generation." -Wayne

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