5 Closet Staples Every Woman Over 50 Needs

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It's never too late to add some closet essentials!

Every Woman Over 50 NEEDS to Have These Wardrobe Staples in Her Closet

Seeing as you need to get dressed every morning, your closet better be packed with clothes you feel comfortable wearing.

It's up to you to cater your closet around what makes you feel good, so if that means getting rid of some pieces, you might want to do that.

For women over 50, figuring out what works and doesn't work for you may seem like a lot of work. But it doesn't have to be that way. All you really need are a few staples and your outfits will start to come together on their own.

Scroll below for the five wardrobe essentials every woman over 50 needs in her closet!

Loose Fitting Tops

There's not a single person who doesn't feel comfortable sporting a loose fitting top. They hide whatever you feel you need to cover up and go with just about anything. They can be dressed up or down, depending on what your plans are.

Here are some great options:

Straight-Leg Jeans

Skinny jeans aren't always something you can keep with you when you get older, but straight-leg jeans do just the trick. They're still a bit skinny in their make, but not enough to where you'll need to rub some butter on your thighs to squeeze on into them. And we highly advise forgoing any lighter washes and opting for something darker, simply because it goes with everything and doesn't show stains.

Here are some great options:

Casual Long Sleeve Tees

Arms are often a problem area for many women, no matter the age. And you only feel more self-conscious about them as you get older. To keep them out of sight and out of mind, some comfy and cozy long sleeve tees will work wonders. Again, these tops go with anything you own and can be dressed up or down. You'll thank us for recommending you make this purchase.

Here are some great options:

Fitted Black Blazer

If you've never owned a fitted black blazer in your life, prefer for everything to change after you purchase one. Granted, you might need to visit a tailor to make yours fitted, but you can find plenty of incredible black blazer options online.

Here are some great options:

Trench Coat

Even if you live in the hottest of climates, you'll benefit from owning a trench coat. On the off chance it rains or even gets chilly, your trusty trench coat will keep you warm all day long. Plus, you'll appear polished wearing one, as opposed to a ratty old sweatshirt you had lying around.

Here are some great options:

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