6 Velvet Scrunchies Sets That Are VSCO Girl-Approved

Two velvet scrunchies laying on top of purple flowers in bloom
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She wore blue velvet!

Time Travel Back to the '80s With Help From These Velvet Scrunchies Sets

Thanks to VSCO girls, scrunchies have made a comeback.

The beloved '80s accessory has been all but obsolete for the past few years, so we couldn't be more excited that the younger generation is making them "cool" again.

Whether you want to relive the best moments of the '80s or you're a VSCO girl looking for the best scrunchies, we've rounded up some sets of velvet scrunchies that everyone can (and should) sport in their hair.

Find the perfect pair for your style now!

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1. Kitsch Matte Velvet Scrunchies

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These blush tone velvet scrunchies are a must-have for your everyday look. There's practically one for every day of the week, so you can switch it up often.

2. Claire's Club Neon Velvet Hair Scrunchies

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Go bold with these neon hued scrunchies from Claire's. They're so bright, you'll need to wear shades. And if you didn't get that reference, you're too young to wear them.

3. Urban Outfitters Pastel Velvet Hair Scrunchie Set

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If you prefer to keep things more neutral, this pastel velvet hair scrunchies set is perfect for you. They'll match the vibe of your soft and sweet personality like no other.

4. ASOS Neon Green and Candy Pink Velvet Scrunchies

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You can't pass up on a duo of velvet scrunchies that are neon green and candy pink. They're serving up straight watermelon vibes, in the best way possible.

5. Claire's Club Velvet Pearl Hair Scrunchies

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Add a little something extra to your usual velvet scrunchies with these pearl-adorned ones. You can never go wrong with any pearl embellished accessory.

6. Urban Renewal Remnants Oversized Velvet Scrunchie

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Go big with these oversized velvet scrunchies. They are absolutely a staple statement accessory every one needs in their hair.

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