5 Best Vegan Gummy Vitamins to Buy on Amazon Right Now

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Even vegans need their vitamins!

Vegan Gummy Vitamins on Amazon

Being vegan, it can sometimes be difficult to find gummy vitamins that adhere to your diet. Hello, gelatin.

Because vegans need their vitamins, too, we did a little research and found the best vegan gummy vitamins available on Amazon right now.

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Mykind Organics Women's Gummy Vitamins

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See them on Amazon here!

Designed with women in mind, these multivitamin gummies contain targeted ingredients to support the needs of women from all walks of life. Though they taste like delicious berries, they contain nine organic whole fruits in every bottle.

MaryRuth's Plant-Based and Vegan Vitamin D3 Gummies

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See them on Amazon here!

Flavored lemon, orange, and strawberry, these non-GMO, vegan, and paleo-friendly gummy vitamins are here to help you get all the vitamin D3 your body needs. If you didn't know all the amazing benefits of vitamin D, here are a few: fights diseases, reduces depression, and boosts weight loss.

Nature's Dynamics Vegan Garden Gummy Adult Organic Multivitamin

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See them on Amazon here!

The world's first certified organic vegan multivitamin gummy for adults, these Nature's Dynamics vitamins are made with a blend of guava, lemon, amla, and holy basil. They're delicious and good for you, what more could you ask for?

Might Fox Multivitamin Gummies

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See them on Amazon here!

Filled to the brim with vitamins C, B3, B5, B6, and B12, biotin, folic acid, zinc, and beta carotene, these gummies provide overall health support for your eyes, bones, immunity, and brain. They're magic in a bottle.

Hum Nutrition Hair Sweet Hair

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Buy them on Amazon here!

Healthier hair is just a heart-shaped gummy away, thanks to Hum Nutrition's Hair Sweet Hair vitamins. Biotin, zinc, PABA, folic acid, and fo-ti work together to give you the most luscious locks ever. We even tried them ourselves for a month, and this is how they improved our frazzled tresses.

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