VEDA's Co-Founder Reveals Everything to Know About the Brand

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Meet your new favorite CBD products!

CBD Brand VEDA Is Here to Give You a Lesson in Endocannabinoid Nutrition

Throw CBD into anything and we'll buy it.

The craze has all but consumed our day-to-day life, with us using everything from CBD-based moisturizer and essential oils, to us regularly consuming CBD-infused sparkling waters and chewy taffy.

Though there's nothing really wrong with this, the oversaturated market has led us to believe all CBD products are the same. That is far from the case, and VEDA wants you to know that.

We chatted with the COO and co-founder of the company, Taryn Berk, to understand the mission behind VEDA, how it differs from other CBD brands on the market, and more. Read our exclusive interview below! What's the story behind the creation of VEDA?

Taryn Berk: The inspiration for VEDA was simple—we wanted to create a CBD brand we wished we could buy as consumers. An aspirational, best-in-class brand that stood for trust, safety, quality, consistency, and efficacy. We wanted the product to be well-formulated and packaged, while offering the highest level of supplemental CBD medicine to help offer relief from pain, inflammation, and tired muscles, while calming busy minds and promoting better sleep. We saw the opportunity to create an exceptional and educational brand drawing on our experience from the healthcare and professional sports worlds.

The VEDA Family of brands has been formulated for each member of your household, from your grandmother to your family pet. We strive to improve the quality of each individual's life while unlocking their healing potential through natural and affordable solutions.

WDC: Can you give a brief overview of your brands?

TB: VEDA ECN is our full spectrum Endocannabinoid Nutrition (ECN) line. It works to help unlock the body’s ability to rejuvenate and heal itself, while calming busy minds and promoting better sleep.

Our sport line, VEDA Sport, helps those with active, sport-filled lifestyles to achieve harmony and balance, optimizing nutrition and providing a great sense of calm along the way. VEDA Sport offers natural, WADA compliant, isolate-based medicine.

VEDA Paws is our pet line that offers a powerful, safe, and clean way to optimize your pet’s nutrition to support a balanced state.

Our unique VEDA INFUSE formula for restaurants and bars is free of additives, solvents, and harsh mixers. INFUSE is fully dissolved and formulated with nanotechnology to maintain homogeneity and deliver maximum bioavailability. Each 500 milliliter bottle contains 125 milligrams of highly concentrated, non-psychoactive hemp.

WDC: For our readers who may not be familiar with Endocannabinoid Nutrition, what exactly is it?

TB: Endocannabinoid Nutrition is essential for the body’s homeostasis (or balance). Our bodies all have an Endocannabinoid System (ECS) with receptors that are inactive. This vital system is responsible for aiding in regulating mood, sleep, metabolism, pain, memory, immune function, inflammation, digestion, reproduction, and many other functions. When our bodies do not make enough endocannabinoids, we become cannabinoid deficient and can experience chronic illnesses and other negative health challenges. Cannabinoids used to be delivered to our bodies through our food source. From the animal feed to animals to our bodies. We are now all cannabinoid deficient. By reintroducing quality Endocannabinoid Nutrition products to your lifestyle you allow the ECS to function properly and have the receptors firing with the goal of homeostasis.

WDC: How do you decide which products you create?

TB: Our goal at VEDA is to always make our products accessible and affordable, all while providing the ultimate quality. We have tested many products, delivery systems, and ingredients, and many did not make the cut. We focus on the VEDA rule of three: Bioavailability, Delivery, and Accessibility. We manufacture all our own products and those for many other CBD brands in the industry under our parent company, AG HEALTH. Creating other brands' products allows us a unique view of what the market desires. We have begun the development of many new CBD hybrids and edible products that will roll out this year.

The current VEDA line features both Full-Spectrum Hemp and CBD Isolate Hemp: disposable pens, hydrophilic sprays, tinctures, topicals, and capsules. With our variety of products, you can be sure that you’re in the right hands when it comes to top-notch, affordable relief for every part of the body.

WDC: What sets your products apart from the rest?

TB: VEDA’s scientific, evidence-based formulation techniques are designed to maximize the amount of VEDA’s active ingredients in your circulatory system, providing maximum effect when compared to similar products.

Our highly skilled team of chemists, biologists, and healthcare professionals have developed the most effective delivery methods to ensure the highest levels of bioavailable absorption. The variety of our delivery methods allows you to choose the one that is best for you without compromising on efficiency.

WDC: What's the most rewarding part about working with VEDA?

TB: The most rewarding part of my work at VEDA is the opportunity to truly help people. In an industry that is still unregulated, we choose to self-regulate, educate, and of course, listen and make changes that best fit the needs of our customers. We are not just a company with CBD products, we are a team of healthcare and industry experts on a mission to leave no patient behind and to improve the quality of life through plant-based solutions.

WDC: Are there any standout customer testimonials you'd like to share?

TB: At VEDA, testimonials truly fuel our team. Knowing the positive impact we make not only inspires us, but reminds us all why we do what we do! Recently, I received a powerful testimonial from a mother that brought tears to my eyes:

"VEDA has been wonderful for my son on the Autism Spectrum with ADHD and Severe Speech and Language Delay! His focus, speech, and anxiety is SO much better! My son goes from a child that stims a lot with little speech to a little boy that is constantly trying to tell you something and learning to read! He sleeps better and it has fixed his digestive system! The founders and customer service employees really care about the people that they are helping. I've tried other CBD products. They can't compare to VEDA. Thank you VEDA!"

Testimonials like this serve as the true backbone of who we are.

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