Interview With Spiritual Teacher Vanessa Petronelli

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Interview With Spiritual Teacher Vanessa Petronelli

I first met Vanessa Petronelli at a friend's fall party.

I was told she was a spiritual teacher and immediately intrigued. After being introduced to her, we chatted for a bit about me and my life. Within those few moments, we broke down why I stopped myself from reaching my full potential—I always feel as though I'm not good enough.

Discovering that learned behavior has since made it easier for me to understand when I hold myself back and why. But it also propelled me to want to share Vanessa's gift with the world.

A spiritual teacher for 10 years now, Vanessa has been a support system for many. To celebrate her years as a spiritual coach, she'll be launching her Evenings With V: A Night of Channeling and Guidance sessions on Saturday, Nov. 17 at Liberate Hollywood.

Before you rush to purchase tickets, I wanted you to better understand what Vanessa does and how she does it. Scroll below for our exclusive interview with the spiritual healer. What is spiritual guidance?

Vanessa Petronelli: Spiritual guidance is simply the act of getting support, wisdom, and perspective around your own connection to your soul, your purpose, and life overall.

WDC: How did you become an international spiritual teacher?

VP: Ever since I was a little girl, I've had a strong connection and interest in spirituality. At the age of 14, I dove into the entertainment industry. And after 10 years of modeling, acting, and singing, my intuition told me that it was time to move on to a new chapter. That's when my spiritual journey really took a new turn. I transitioned into being a life coach and yoga + meditation teacher. For the past 10 years, my spiritual gifts and awareness continued to deepen as my sense of service and duty to humanity grew.

WDC: For those who may be unfamiliar with what you do, what exactly does being a spiritual teacher entail?

VP: With any important area of life, getting perspective from outside of ourselves can help us to become aware of what we cannot see on our own. Becoming aware of our blind spots, fears, and limitations. The tools, wisdom, and practices that a teacher or guide can provide can help accelerate one's personal growth and spiritual journey.

All that said, I always mention that at the end of the day, it's our own individual guidance that needs to be listened to the most. A teacher or guide can help in the removal of the noise and confusion that can get in the way of hearing our own true essence and inner voice.

Some of the results people have experienced from working together have been: Greater clarity and fulfillment despite the busyness and chaos going on around them; greater success and wealth in their businesses and careers; deeper levels of self-love and acceptance; they've discovered their life purpose and mission; enhanced their self-awareness; they've experienced increased intuition and connection to themselves and their spirituality; they've left careers and businesses they were unhappy with and they have found the loves of their lives. My clients each undergo a deep transformational and healing process when we work together, releasing years (and sometimes, a lifetime) of limitations and fears so they can step into becoming a more empowered and fulfilled human being living from an authentic and aligned place within themselves.

Photo courtesy of Vanessa Petronelli

WDC: What do you enjoy most about what you do?

VP: I absolutely love witnessing people's transformation that comes from doing this work. I get to be a catalyst for helping to support them in up-leveling their business, leadership, relationships, and most importantly, their relationships to themselves and their spirituality. And ultimately, knowing that each individual transformation will ripple out into the world in a positive way and make a difference on the planet as a result.

WDC: How do you make sure your mental health is taken care of?

VP: Mental and emotional health and well-being is such a crucial part of our overall health and well-being. Too often, we prioritize physical health only and ignore mental and emotional health until it becomes overwhelmingly important and urgent to address, like after some kind of crisis. That's why I'm a huge advocate of investing time and energy into all areas of well-being. As for me personally, I have a morning ritual that I practice every day. It's a mix of meditation, prayer, movement, and declarations. I also have my own support team of healers, therapists, and coaches to help me get back to my center when I get thrown off balance, as well as continually healing and releasing the emotions and thought patterns that hold me back. I think everyone needs a few people in their life to shine a light on our own limitations and call us forward into the healthiest version of ourselves.

WDC: What are any tips you can share for anyone feeling emotionally overwhelmed?

VP: Two of the biggest tools I can recommend are breath and silence. So many of us are rushing through our lives from one thing to another, with no breaks. Or even when we take a "break," we're scrolling through our phone or listening to music. There is tremendous power in silence. Especially deliberate silence, where we consciously choose to eliminate the noise and distraction and just be with ourselves completely. Setting a timer for five minutes a day of sitting in silence can be very powerful.

The next tool is putting deliberate focus on the breath. The breath is a great tool because it's always with us. Deliberately choosing to slow our breath down has countless benefits to our body, our nervous system, our emotional well-being, and our mind. Even right now, as you're reading this, pause, close your eyes, and take five full, deep breaths where you allow your belly to expand as you inhale and contract as you exhale.

Photo courtesy of Vanessa Petronelli

WDC: What are some of the biggest misconceptions surrounding what you do?

VP: The biggest one is that a spiritual teacher, guide, or coach is a magic pill, that they will fix or heal you in an instant, without doing any work or effort. This is also a form of what is referred to as spiritual bypassing—where you want to only feel positive and "high vibe" all the time.

WDC: How can people get into spirituality/explore their spiritual side if it's something they haven't done before?

VP: A genuine curiosity for spirituality is always a first step. Heading to a meditation class, going to the bookstore and hanging out in the new age/spirituality/religion section perusing books, or attending a convention or going to a new age shop are all great initial ways to begin to explore spirituality. And following those intuitive breadcrumbs along the way.

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