Think You Can Text Will Be Your New Favorite Card Game

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Put your texting skills to the test!

So, You Think You Can Text? This Card Game Might Prove Otherwise

Everyone likes to claim they're an awkward texter, but are they really?

The easiest way to find out is by putting your awkwardness to the test in the card game Think You Can Text.

Fans of Cards Against Humanity will immediately be drawn to this card game, and have a pretty strong understanding of how it all works.

Let's get into all things Think You Can Text below, shall we?

Photo Courtesy of Her Creative Media

About Think You Can Text

Think You Can Text is a fast-paced card game that calls on you to create the best text replies to a number of awkward text message situations.

The best part is, you don't even need a phone to play it. Allow yourself to disconnect with your friends and family a bit to play this hilarious game.

Think You Can Text even just launched a more awkward, outrageous version with new content and designs, making it easier to embrace the embarrassing. Just come up with the most hilarious text reply and you'll be a winner, baby.

How to Play Think You Can Text

The rules to Think You Can Text are pretty simple—come up with the most awkward response to an incoming text message, and you'll win.

Each player is dealt eight text cards. There's a rotating judge who will put down an "incoming" text message card for you to "draft" an outrages response to using one of the cards you were given. The judge then reads the responses aloud and ultimately decides who the winner of the round is.

Whoever wins the most rounds (it's entirely up to you how many rounds you play) is the ultimate victor. Will it be you?

Where to Buy Think You Can Text

You can purchase Think You Can Text from the game's website here.

Or, if you prefer to order everything off Amazon, you can do so here.

Snag it before the holidays are here, so you can play with your friends and family!

Photo Courtesy of Her Creative Media

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