15 Creepiest Quotes From Netflix's 'The Society'

Group of kids standing around in the dark on Netflix's 'The Society'
The Society via Netflix

Are you as obsessed with this show as everyone else?

15 Quotes From Netflix's The Society That Won't Help You Sleep at Night

Every now and then, Netflix will release a show so mysterious and alluring that no one can help but be captivated by it.

The go round, it was the teen drama The Society. This modern day Lord of the Flies has everybody buzzing over it's incredible first season. From online to offline, everyone is discussing this series and its head-scratching ending.

Whether you're already a fan of the show or need a push to sit down and binge it all, these quotes from The Society will leave you feeling some type of way. Shrouded in mystery, they'll surely pique your interest—enjoy!

The Society Quotes

  • "or ten days now, we've locked ourselves in our houses and cried ourselves to sleep. Asked, "What is this placed that looks like home?" And, "Why are we here?" What we know for certain is that the sun came up not too long ago at 5:41 a.m. Which is how it should be, heading towards the summer solstice. But at the train station, the 7:10 to New York never arrived. Neither did the 7:25. No trains arrived yesterday. Or the day before. Or the day before that. Some people believed we would wake up from this, and the dream would be over and that everything would, again, be like it was before. Ten days is a long time to believe that. But the sun just keeps coming up...every day and you can't cry forever. You have to put your shoes on, you have to eat, you have to have hope. Don't you? Because who knows? Maybe tomorrow." -Becca

  • "In the town where we live the sun set today at 8:47 p.m. Summer solstice. Long days. But our nights are about to get a lot longer." -Becca

  • "There's a reason why we never had a dog growing up. We had a bird one time when I was little. It was yellow and green. His name was Oliver. It vanished from its cage one day, and I went to see if it got outside somehow... because the window was open. I saw Campbell playing with it. And he cut its wings off. Fully off. And was watching it try to walk away. Try to fly...with its bloody stumps. It kept losing its balance and falling over. My parents tried to hide the truth from people. Pretending that he was just a difficult kid. Like a normal version of a problem child. Anti-social and moody, but Campbell is not a normal version of anything. They had him tested. He's a psychopath." -Sam

  • "Six months ago we were children. This is who we are now. We eat and live communally. We even sweat communally. This is all according to Cassandra's rules. Now, they are Allie's rules as well. A midnight curfew, mandatory weekly town meetings, and the community doctrine: those who don't work...don't eat. We found a balance between doing what's expected of us and finding happiness where we can. In love, or in sex, or play. We waffle between following the rules and bending them, constantly worrying that if we bend too far, this whole rickety structure might topple and break. Because we know that we're always one dumb move away from ruin." -Becca

  • "There's nothing out there, guys. We're all alone." -Luke

Best The Society Quotes

  • "Now I can wreck you." -Kelly

  • "You know how you said everyone we go to school with is an asshole? Well, you were right." -Allie

  • "There's no more legal system, Jason. We're living in some sort of fucking black hole universe." -Grizz

  • "I have no idea what I'm doing." -Helena

  • "I get it, you don't trust me." -Campbell

Creepiest The Society Quotes

  • "Mom, I'm alive. And Allie is alive. We just want to be with you at home, if there is a home." -Cassandra

  • "Everything that kept us safe is gone." -Cassandra

  • "We're not going to ask for power, we're going to take it." -Campbell

  • "We're all orphans now." -Will

  • "Do you want chaos?" -Cassandra

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