The Root of It All Offers a Unique Spin on Essential Oils

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Cannabis and essential oils are the duo we didn't know we needed!

The Root of It All Is Changing the Essential Oils Game With Cannabis

We at love essential oils. They're abundant in our homes, and we've been known to carry some around, depending on our needs of the day.

We also are big fans of anything CBD-infused. So when we were introduced to The Root of It All, it was a match made in cannabis-infused essential oils heaven. Trying saying that three times fast.

As you hopefully deciphered from the previous point, The Root of It All specializes in cannabis-infused essential oils that offer plant-based remedies for a variety of aches, pains, and displeasures.

To learn more about the magic behind it all, we chatted with The Root of It All's CMO Julie Raque. Read our exclusive interview with her below! How did The Root of It All come to be?

Julie Raque: The Root of It All was born out of a quest to discover the path to well-being by providing powerful plant-based essential remedies for everyday conditions. An essential oil represents the most simple and natural essence of a plant. The Root of It All selects these pure oils for their Ayurvedic, restorative benefits and balances them with cannabis extracts to create powerful, plant-based remedies for everyone who shares our quest for holistic wellness.

WDC: What's the process like for creating these essential oils?

JR: We use a CO2 extraction method. Carbon dioxide is a green solvent—clean (vs butane which are unsafe solvents)and non-damaging in ozone. Our goal is to minimize disruption of natural product. CO2 does the best job of extracting out the full profile of the plant due to supercritical extraction, and every other solvent extraction requires heating up extracts to remove solvents, which degrades compounds and their natural ratios.

In the coming months, we plan to extend the line and will be launching a stomach aid oil and skin repair topical.

WDC: What's a common misconception about your products?

JR: More milligrams isn't always better; the right amount of milligrams of THC/CBD is what matters most. Our essential oils statistical significance of essential oils vs placebo, cannabis vs placebo, was even better at essential oils + cannabis vs placebo.

WDC: How can those who use your essential oils get the most out of them?

JR: These essential oils are subject to the individual, so start low, then go slow to increase as needed. Some individuals may only require one dropper full, some need three. Once you find your sweet spot, the efficacy will be consistent and reliable each and every time. Remember these are sublingual, so they must be administered under your tongue where you hold for one minute so it can be fully absorbed into the bloodstream.

WDC: Do you have a favorite essential oil?

JR: My favorite essential oil is STOP. I have had chronic issues with sleep and this has become my go-to every night to ease into a deep and restful night's sleep. I take it 15 to 30 minutes before bed and ease into sleep, waking up feeling rested and refreshed, unlike many over-the-counter or prescription medicines, which gave me groggy side effects the next day. Plus, the ingredients are all natural, vegan, and taste great, so I feel good about what I am putting in my body.

WDC: How do you use essential oils to help with everyday female issues?

JR: While the current offerings for The Root of It All are not intended to address female issues, many consumers have found those SKU with combinations of CBD and THC to modulate one another for increased efficacy assist in soothing female issues. In my experience, I've enjoyed Unwind, which has ingredients such as black pepper and turmeric to provide a warming and soothing sensation.

Be sure to visit The Root of It All's website here to learn even more about their cannabis-infused essential oils and topicals.

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