12 Iconic Quotes From 'The Politician' on Netflix

Peyton standing in front of an American flag preparing to give a speech in 'The Politician'
The Politician via Netflix

Use them for your election campaign!

We Approve These Iconic Quotes From The Politician on Netflix

We have been desperately searching for a new Netflix obsession and we finally found it.

The Politician, Ryan Murphy's newest project, just hit streaming services and wouldn't you guess we already binge-watched the whole season? It was exactly what we were expecting a show about ambition to be and then some.

If you haven't already blown through the first season, we suggest you take your time. And if you're unsure it's worth watching, we hope that reading through these quotes from The Politician will change your mind.

Best The Politician Quotes

  • "Your ambition frightens me." -Georgina

  • "This school deserves better than you." -Astrid

  • "It's so hard to have to try so hard all the time." -Payton

  • "You're gonna change the world, Payton." -River

Iconic The Politician Quotes

  • "You want to beat him? You need to embrace your inner coldness unapologetically." -Theo

  • "You don't have to be a good person, as long as you do good things." -River

  • "I'm merely stating a fact, I will be president someday." -Payton

  • "I'm warning you, do not screw with my dream." -Payton

Funny The Politician Quotes

  • "Shut up, ma'am. I'm not going to take your bullshit tonight, okay?" -Payton

  • "It's what gays do, munch butts and celebrate Halloween." -Dusty

  • "You think I should kill him?" -Ricardo

  • "What? Yes, yes I do." -Dusty

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