15 Most Iconic Quotes From 'The Dark Crystal'

Jen and Kira on a quest in 'The Dark Crystal'
The Dark Crystal via Universal Pictures

Have you watched the Netflix prequel yet?

Get Amped for the Netflix Prequel by Reading These 'Dark Crystal' Quotes

The '80s gave us an iconic era in cinema.

From The Goonies and Back to the Future to Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club, there are a slew of films released during this time that defined our childhood. Along with the classics, there are also some underrated movies we're huge fans of. One of them being The Dark Crystal.

With the prequel series to the 1982 Jim Henson feature now streaming on Netflix, it's the perfect time to bring plenty of well-deserved attention to this muppet-esque film.

If you haven't binged The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance just yet, reading these The Dark Crystal movie quotes will be the push you need.

Best 'The Dark Crystal' Quotes

  • "Hold her to you, for she is part of you, as we all are part of each other." -Historian

  • "I don't think anywhere is safe any more." -Jen

  • "What was sundered and undone shall be whole—the two made one." -Aughra

  • "We were dream fasted. You and I." -Kira

  • "I wish I'd never heard of this shard!" -Jen

Iconic 'The Dark Crystal' Quotes

  • "End, begin, all the same. Big change. Sometimes good. Sometimes bad." -Aughra

  • "The prophecy didn't say anything about this!" -Jen

  • "But today, the ceremony of the sun gives no comfort. Today, an emperor lies dying. Today, a new emperor must seize the throne." -Narrator

  • "I thought I was the only one." -Jen

  • "THE GREAT CONJUNCTION IS THE END OF THE WORLD! Or the beginning. Hm! End of Aughra? Hmph! End, Begin, all the same, Big Change..." -Aughra

Funny 'The Dark Crystal' Quotes

  • "Wings? I don't have wings!" -Jen

  • "Of course not. You're a boy." -Kira

  • "Mouldy mildew, mother of mouthmuck, dangle and strangle and death." -Aughra

  • "Prophets don't know everything!" -Kira

  • "Dear, dear master. I'll find the shard. I'm not ready to go alone... Alright. Alone then." -Jen

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