Yes, a Thanos Swimsuit Exists—Here's Where to Buy It

Thor holding Thanos's head at the end of 'Avengers: Infinity War'
Avengers: Infinity War via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Who needs an Infinity Gauntlet when this bathing suit exists?

If You're Not Wearing This Thanos Swimsuit, You're Not Doing Summer Right

Every year, we search far and wide to find the perfect swimsuit.

Though we find some that are near flawless, we've yet to find the bathing suit to end all bathing suits. We're happy to report, however, that we've done it. We found the best one-piece to ever exist in the history of swimwear.

Beloved Shirts, the company that brought you the suit (you know, the hairy chest one-piece that had the internet in a frenzy), is back with one inspired by the most iconic Marvel Cinematic Universe villain to date—Thanos.

via Beloved

Is that not the most terrifyingly amazing swimsuit you've ever seen? Who wouldn't want to romp around on the beach with Thanos plastered over their body? You'll catch plenty of strange glances, that's for sure, along with quite a few compliments.

You can purchase the one-piece for $39.95 here. But you better pick it up quick, because it could be gone in a snap. Sorry, had to.

If this piece of swimwear doesn't tickle your fancy or you prefer something even more out there, Beloved Shirts has you covered, in all senses of the word.

You can purchase a one-piece that paints Post Malone as the Mona Lisa or one that features an entire nature scene created with Keanu Reeves. And that's just the beginning of the bizarre patterns you'll find on their swimsuits.

Don't worry, they sell other meme-patterned articles of clothing for you to wear all year round. Your status as an internet icon will be cemented thanks to Beloved Shirts.

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