10 Cutest Thanksgiving iPhone Wallpaper Designs

The Simpsons as pilgrims enjoying the first Thanksgiving meal
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Give thanks with a new iPhone wallpaper!

You Can Thank Us Later for These Thanksgiving iPhone Wallpaper Designs

Halloween just ended, which means Thanksgiving will be here before you know it.

It may not seem that way so early on in November, but blink and you'll be sitting at the dinner table surrounded by turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and the works.

If you need a little help getting into the holiday spirit, we've got you covered. Change your phone wallpaper to one of these Thanksgiving iPhone wallpaper designs, and you'll be good to go. Gobble, gobble!

1. Thanksgiving Food iPhone Wallpaper

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Feature your favorite goods front and center with this mellow yellow Thanksgiving iPhone wallpaper. After all, the best part about the holiday is all the food.

2. Pumpkins and Leaves iPhone Wallpaper

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Though this wallpaper may not scream Thanksgiving, it still gives off the vibe of the holiday. For those who prefer to keep things subtle, this is for you.

3. Thanksgiving Holiday Objects iPhone Wallpaper

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Let this wallpaper serve as a reminder of everything associated with the holiday, so you never forget it.

4. 'Thank You' Orange iPhone Wallpaper

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You'll never forget to be thankful for all you have when you catch a glimpse of this bright orange iPhone wallpaper.

5. Thanksgiving Sides iPhone Wallpaper

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There's nothing we love more than the sides on Thanksgiving. We usually do main courses, but not on Thanksgiving.

6. Pilgrim Turkey iPhone Wallpaper

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There's nothing cuter than a turkey in a hat, so maybe this one will inspire you to ditch this meat this Thanksgiving. We know a turkey that'd be grateful if you did.

7. Cartoon Turkeys iPhone Wallpaper

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Another adorable array of turkeys to remind you to skip out on meat this year.

8. 'Happy Thanksgiving' iPhone Wallpaper

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For a background that's a little more on theme with the holiday, this one will work best.

9. Thanksgiving Pies iPhone Wallpaper

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Our mother is watering just looking at these delicious pies. They might even inspire you to bake some of your own this year.

10. Thanksgiving Turkey iPhone Wallpaper

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If you really can't imagine a Thanksgiving without a turkey, you'll enjoy seeing this wallpaper on your phone every day up until you finally get a slice to enjoy yourself.

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