Best Gifts for Teen Girls, Based on Their Age

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Spend your money wisely!

Perfect Gifts for Teen Girls

Shopping for a teen girl can be tough.

They either want it all or would settle for a large sum of cash. Either way, you're screwed when it comes to deciding what to get them this holiday season.

But fret not, because we are here to help. We've rounded up the best gifts for the teen girls in your life, based on their age. Check out our list below!

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Age 13

via Ulta

6-Pack Bath Fizzy Gift Box

Buy it from Ulta here!

Bath bombs are always a good way to go, when it comes to teen girls. No matter their age, they eat 'em up. That being said, the younger ones tend to love them even more. This six pack gift box is perfect for the girl who's trying to get through her very first year as a teen.

Age 14

via Nordstrom

Fjällräven Kanken Water Resistant Backpack

Buy it from Nordstrom here!

Backpacks are as much of a necessity as water for teens. They can't carry all their textbooks with their arms. While Jansport is fairly popular, only the cool kids have one of these bad boys from Fjällräven (no, we don't know how to pronounce this).

Age 15

via Ulta

Light Therapy Acne Mask

Buy it from Ulta here!

Acne is one of the worst parts about being a teen, and it doesn't get any better when your body starts going through all those fun changes. Sure, you get the tits, but at what price? Anyway, this light therapy acne mask from Neutrogena is something the 15-year-old girl in your life desperately needs. She'll worship the ground you walk on for gifting her this.

Age 16

via Target

DIY Lightbox

Buy it from Target here!

The most envy-worthy gift of them all, this DIY lightbox is what every teen girl wants in their room. They'll have a field day thinking of all the messages they can write on it. Maybe even you can help them decide on the one they'll post to Instagram?

Age 17

via Urban Outfitters

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

Buy it from Urban Outfitters here!

Teen girls are always taking photos with their phones, but every single one of them really wants a Polaroid camera. This one from Urban Outfitters is a top-rated option. Just be sure to ask them their favorite color before buying one. And if they don't have one, stick with the baby blue option.

Age 18

via Urban Outfitters

Mini Refrigerator

Buy it from Urban Outfitters here!

At 18, a girl becomes a woman. She wants to be independent and is likely even going off to college. For her dorm room, gift her this mini fridge. And even if she's still at home, she'll appreciate keeping this in her room and stocking it with all her favorite food and beverages.

Age 19

via Urban Outfitters

Google Home Mini

Buy it from Urban Outfitters here!

Yes, 19 is still technically a teen. They may be on their way out of their teen years, which is why you need to get them something a little more adult. A Google Home is the perfect way to go. Not only is it a speaker, but it features a built-in Google assistant. What more could they ask for?

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