5 Health Benefits Succulents Offer Everyone

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The more the merrier!

Every Health Benefit Succulents Have to Offer

Who can resist adding a sweet little succulent to their life?

The shrubbery brings peace and serenity, along with a pint-sized amount of pizzazz to any room it's placed in. Whether it's the bathroom or living room, it truly has the power to upgrade the atmosphere of any space tenfold.

Little do you all know, having the greenery in your home also brings about a variety of health benefits. Not only do they make you look super trendy when you post about them on Instagram, but they improve your overall well-being, too.

Scroll below to discover all the health benefits succulents have to offer!

1. They Purify the Air

A study done by NASA proved plants can remove volatile organic chemicals (which can be found in rugs, grocery bags, books, and more) from indoor air. So if you're looking to purify your home, but don't want to shell out hundreds of dollars on an air purifier, succulents are your best bet.

2. They Help You Sleep

A little science lesson for all of you, plants release oxygen during the day. At night, most of them release carbon dioxide. That being said, succulents continue to emit oxygen late at night. This helps you get a better night's rest, as studies show, oxygen-enriched air allows one to achieve a deeper sleep. So if you don't have any succulents in your bedroom, you need to get on that.

3. They Keep You Healthy

On top of purifying the air and helping you get the sleep you deserve, succulents are pros at keeping you in tip-top shape. They even help you heal from the likes of colds, flues, and various other ailments.

In a study conducted by Kansas State University, hospital patients with plants in their room recovered faster than those who didn't.

4. They Boost Your Mood

Keeping a succulent in your space has been known to make one less stressed and increase positivity levels. Science has even confirmed this to be true through a study done with young adults. To spare you the details, yes, indoor plants reduce both psychological and physiological stress. Succulents may be just what you need to relax.

5. They Improve Your Memory

For all you forgetful folks out there, succulents are here to help you remember where you left your keys, your sibling's birthday, and everything else you're prone to overlook.

The University of Michigan did a study on this (yes, we're still not done with presenting the scientific facts) that showed those who spent more time in nature improved their attention spans and memory by 20 percent.

We hope all these health benefits inspired you to get your very own succulent, because we're about ready to add to our ever-growing collection immediately.

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