5 Standing Sex Positions Any Couple Can Pull Off

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To the window, to the wall!

Easy Standing Sex Positions

Sex doesn't only need to happen when both partners are comfortable in bed.

Think outside the four corners of your mattress by having going at it in a standing sex position. You don't need to be an acrobat to get into them, though you may think that.

Other than laying down, standing intercourse is pretty easy to partake in. We've gone ahead and rounded up the least difficult standing sex positions for any couple to try.

Find the best one for you and your partner below!


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One partner leans the back of their body on a wall for stability, then wraps one of their legs around their partner's waste. It sounds and looks more difficult than it is to achieve. If you can't wrap your leg that high, don't sweat it. Wherever you can twine it around your partner works for the three-legged position.

Standing Doggy

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Standing doggy is somewhat similar to the position we all know and love. Instead of having one partner on all fours, you're both standing up with one bending over just a bit to make entering easier. Don't worry, they'll still be able to pull your hair while in the standing variation of this position.


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If standing doggy doesn't do it for you, mopping most certainly will. One partner will bend all the way down, with their hands pressed against the floor. Doing so will allow for a deeper level of penetration, thus heightening those orgasmic sensations.


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On-the-edge allows for one partner to have their upper half laying flat on a surface of your choosing. It can be your bed or the kitchen counter, whichever you prefer. This is better for couples who aren't as agile anymore and need a little more help when it comes to supporting themselves during a vigorous love making session.

Standing O

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The standing o is code for standing oral (we know the stick figures depict otherwise, but go with us here). Because if you aren't getting oral while your man is on his knees, you haven't had the best head of your life.

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