7 Most Comfortable Sports Bras for Women Over 50

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You sports bra needs to do a lot more than just look cute!

These Are the 7 Best Sports Bras for Women Over 50

Sports bras need to do a lot more than just look cute for an Instagram post once we're over 50.

We no longer care about an adorable design over comfort, we just want to feel good when working out. The same goes for our boobs. They want to feel supported and loved, just pushed up for no reason.

Anyway, to cut this rant short, there are sports bras that are better suited for women over 50. From ones that close in the front to others that are fully-adjustable, these are the best sports bras for women over 50.

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1. Glamorise Women's No-Bounce Cami Sports Bra

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Buy it from Dick's Sporting Goods for $39 here!

Glamorise is a favorite among women with larger breasts, and for good reason. If you want your boobs to stay right where they are, this no-bounce sports bra from the company will keep them put through any sort of workout. Plus, it works for women with bust sizes all the way up to 50J.

2. Fruit of the Loom Women's Comfort Front Close Sports Bra 3-Pack

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Buy them from Walmart for $23.82 here!

Fruit of the Loom arguably has the most comfortable undergarments on the market. They may be somewhat basic and plain, but sometimes that's really all you need when you're working out. With the front-closing clasps, it makes it easier to put on and take off.

3. Shefit Sandstorm Ultimate Sports Bra

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Buy it from Shefit for $65 here!

Sandstorm from Shefit offers so much more bang for your buck than any other sports bra. The only fully-adjustable sports bra out there, it works to fit every single curve comfortably, while also keeping everything in place. The more freedom you have to adjust your sports bra, the better you'll feel.

4. Brooks Women's Maia Sports Bra

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Buy it from Dick's Sporting Goods for $58 here!

Along with offering full coverage and a customizable fit, the Maia from Brooks also has underwire. While that may be off-putting for some, hear us out. The design will make it smooth underneath anything you wear with it's no-show look. This means you can wear it literally anywhere and virtually live in it. It's more comfortable than a regular bra, so why not?

5. Champion Women's Show-Off Color Block Sports Bra

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Buy it from Dick's Sporting Goods for $40 here!

The best feature of this Champion sports bra, apart from it being incredibly adorable, is the moisture-wicking technology and targeted ventilation. You'll be kept cool and dry during any workout you partake in. No sweating on this bras watch!

6. Spencer Women's Padded Sports Bra

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Buy it from Walmart for $9.99 here!

Looking for something with more comfortable cups? This padded sports bra from Spencer is exactly what you should be wearing during all your workouts. It also zips up in the front, making it easier to get on than most sports bras.

7. Women's Maidenform Sports Bra

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Buy it from Walmart for $21.27 here!

With breathable mesh panels and wireless contour, this high-impact sports bra will support you through thick and thin. It's so comfortable, you'll never want to take it off. Well, almost never.

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