Best Short Hair Tutorials For Space Bun

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Summer is right around the corner, which means everyone's hair will be spending much more time up to keep cool.

A classic ponytail or intricate braid may seem like the best style, but as far as summer 2018 hair trends go, space buns are where it's at.

The intergalactic hairstyle is no longer solely meant for music festivals or red carpets. Slowly but surely, these buns are becoming a style for the masses.

If you happen to have shorter hair, you may fear your strands aren't long enough to toss up in two buns on top of your head. We're here to assure you that that's not the case.

Keep reading for five unique ways you can sport space buns, even if you have short hair!

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Everyday Space Buns For Short Hair

If you're all about simplicity, this tutorial is for you. Start by creating some messy curls in your hair and then just twist your strands into two delicate buns. We know it sounds like creating this look is too easy to be true, but it's not. Watch the how-to video now.

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Half Up Space Buns For Short Hair

Not a fan of tossing all of your hair up into two small buns? We feel you, and so does this tutorial. Not only does it show you how to recreate this adorable trend, but you'll get a crash course in the products that'll help your strands cooperate during the process. Watch the quick tutorial below.

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Double Braided Space Buns For Short Hair

Looking for a style that's a little more eye-catching than your average space buns? Here it is. Give a boost to the trend by braiding it in the back. It'll take a few tries to perfect this look, but you'll surely stand out once you've recreated it. Watch the tutorial below now.

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Double Dutch Braids Space Buns For Short Hair

Another more intricate take on the space buns, this one is a little bit easier to recreate than the look before it. Rather than braiding all the way up the back of your head, you'll only be braiding two small sections on top. You can keep your hair half up or all up—whatever works for you. Watch the tutorial below to see how it's done.

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Big Space Buns For Short Hair

The problem with short hair is that your space buns can come out looking super small, depending on how much hair you actually have. This tutorial eliminates that problem with a pretty crafty trick. Watch the video below now to find out how to create this look on your own.