Simple Tattoo Designs for Those Afraid of Commitment

Girl showing off her small heart tattoo on her shoulder
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These tattoos are so small, you won't even notice them!

Tattoos are no laughing matter.

They can be painful, expensive, and easily seen by just anyone and everyone. So what're you to do when you want one really bad, but are a little too scared of the baggage that comes along with it?

You get a simple design, created with someone like you in mind, duh. Check out these 10 clean styles perfectly fitting for someone who's scared of commitment now!

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1. An Inspirational Phrase

You can't go wrong etching some motivating prose on your skin. No matter where you're at in life, looking at it will always lift your spirits. So which phrase will you get?

2. A Heart

Okay, we know it's cheesy and everyone has a heart tattoo, but it's a classic go-to for those scared of commitment. Really, how are you going to regret getting one tattooed on your body? You aren't.

3. Your Zodiac Sign's Symbol

If you're super into the zodiac and your sign specifically, why not get the symbol tattooed on your body somewhere?

4. Something Celestial

A planet or a moon is a viable option for anyone who wants something relatively small. You could even get your ruling planet tatted on you, if you're into that sort of thing.

5. A Flower

Flower tattoos look beautiful on just about anyone. There really isn't a single person who can pull off the simple, yet striking design. Plus, you can get it with color or without. It's all up to you.

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6. Scenery

Typically, a scenic tattoo is rather large and intricate, but there are some designs that are much more simple for those of you afraid of commitment. Whether you opt for a mountain or beach scene is up to you.

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7. A Date of Significance

If there's a date that means a lot to you (yes, this includes your birthday), why not get that etched onto your skin? There are an endless amount of styles you can sport this tat, too.

8. An Animal

Who wouldn't want a cute little creature tattooed on their body forever?

9. An Entertainment-Inspired Tattoo

Have a movie, TV show, comic book, or even podcast that means a lot to you? Why not get something inspired by it then? Depending on what you enjoy, chances are there are plenty of people to turn to for inspiration on your design.

[ HARRY POTTER ⚡️] 🇫🇷 Déjà un an tout pile depuis mon premier tatouage, ce petit symbole issu de ma saga préférée et qui compte tant pour moi. Ce petit bonhomme à désormais un copain (que vous avez aperçu sur une photo précédente sur ma cheville gauche) et qui sera rejoint par un troisième bientôt mais... 🤐 - 🇬🇧 Already one year has gone by since my very first tattoo. You probably recognized it ! Potterhead power 💪 In a few days, I'll have a third one (my second is on my left ankle) !!! So excited 😆 . . . . #tattoo #harrypotter #potterhead #jkrowling #deathlyhallows #book #hogwarts #tatouage #bookish #harrypottertattoo #hermione #hogwartsismyhome #booklover #harrypotterfans #harrypotterworld #dailylife #simplethings #igerslyon #photooftheday #tattoolove #tattoowork #funkopop #geekgirl #harrypotteraddict

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10. Food

Food tattoos are often super cute and super hilarious. If you have quite the sense of humor, this option is definitely for you.