7 Sex Positions to Help You Lose Belly Fat

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The perfect workout!

Sex Positions to Lose Belly Fat

One of the great parts of sex is that it also doubles as an intense workout.

Who needs to join a gym when you can have copious amounts of coitus with your partner to get the body you want? Certainly not us. We'd much rather prefer to get fit through some extracurricular activities in the bedroom.

In general, sex offers a lot of positive benefits to your physical body. But, there are a handful of positions than can target almost everyone's biggest problem area—the stomach.

If you're looking to loose a little weight around the midsection, try these sex positions to lose belly fat.

One of them is bound to work, but why not try them all?

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Who doesn't love a woman on top? Especially when it'll help trim down your belly. You'll notice this position specifically targeting your lower abs, which is already a pretty tricky part of the midsection to work on.

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The bridge sex position isn't for the faint of heart. While anyone can get into it, it'll take a lot of practice to go at it in this position for a while. Not only does it trim down your gut, it's a workout for your biceps, triceps, quads, and glutes.

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Yet another position that requires quite a bit of strength from both partners, but has so many benefits. It'll strengthen the arms for both partners, along with carving out the core for the two parties involved. If you can't get into it right away, don't sweat it. Just keep practicing!

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Doggy Style

A classic position, doggy style can help you slim down in more areas than simply your tummy. It also works out your quads and glutes, so you'll have abs, legs, and butts of steel.

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Standing Doggy

If you want even more of a core workout than what's given when you're going at it in the doggy style position, opt for the standing doggy. Rather than being on all fours, both partners will be on two legs. Any sort of standing position you get yourself into will require balance, thus engaging your core.

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Get as close to your partner as possible with the lotus sex position. You're essentially seated right on top of each other, which sounds easier than it actually is. You'll need some flexibility and core strength to pull this one off.

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Missionary might not be everyone's favorite position, but it is a tried and true one. Though it doesn't seem like it does much, it offers a great workout for your core, even more than you would expect. If regular ol' missionary doesn't cut it for you, try one of these seven variations.

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