10 Sultry Sex Games to Play With Your Boyfriend Tonight

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Sex Games to Play With Your Boyfriend

Admit it, sex with your boyfriend can sometimes feel like a chore for the both of you.

Yes, you love each other and are happy to be making love with one another, but that doesn't make doing the deed anymore exciting when you opt for the same routine.

You need to spice it up and add some zest to your sex life. You can try edible lingerie or CBD for sex, but one of the best ways to spice up your intimacy is with some sultry sex games.

We've rounded up 10 sex games to play with your boyfriend below. Scroll through the list to find one worth trying tonight, or right now for that matter!

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1. Truth or Dare

An absolute classic, truth or dare is so much fun to play with your boyfriend in the bedroom. You'll want to probably opt for more dares, than truths, though those could still work; as long as they're somewhat sexual, of course. With the dares, take the time to act on your wildest fantasies. Whatever you've been dying to do or have done to you, dare your partner to do it.

2. Naked Twister

The adult version of a beloved childhood game, naked Twister calls for you to be undressed and ready to get into all sorts of wacky positions. Your flexibility will certainly be put to the test, so be sure to stretch a little bit beforehand.

3. Strip Poker

Yet another classic, who doesn't find playing strip poker the slightest bit thrilling? You don't even have to be good at it, because the point is to literally get naked. Sure, it sucks to lose, but once you're both down to your skivvies, your poker face won't matter.

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4. Trivia

We couldn't come up with a clever title, but this game is a whole lot of fun. Lay naked on the bed (or in some sexy lingerie) and have your boyfriend stand in the door frame. Ask him questions about yourself to quiz him. For every one he gets right, he gets to take a step towards you; for ones he gets wrong, he has to take a step back. Fun, huh?

5. Time Bomb

The point of this game is anticipation. Set a timer for 10 minutes, and within that time frame, you can kiss, tease, please, tickle one another. But (and it's a big but), you can't allow any sort of penetration to happen during that set time. It's hard to do, but worth the payoff.

6. Roll the Dice

If you're having trouble getting creative, grab some sex dice (or download this app) and toss them on the bed. They'll help you figure out what to do when you can't come up with anything or are too timid to express what you want from your boyfriend. And he'll enjoy them, too, trust us.

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7. Blind Man's Buff

You might've played this tag-like game as a kid, but this isn't the same activity you enjoyed as a young child in your cul-de-sac. Blindfold your boyfriend and then go to town. Kiss him, tease him, tickle him, lick him, do what you need to in order to arouse him—which will be a bit easier when one of his senses is taken away.

8. X Marks the Spot

Think of a part of your body in your head. Then, have your partner kiss you from head to toe until they kiss the exact spot you're envisioning. You can stay truthful, but it's so much more fun when you bend the truth a bit—especially if they guess the spot right away.

9. Bring Out the Board Game

There is in fact a board game for couples (and groups, if that's something you're about). It's called Tease Naughty Board Game. A liberating game, it'll help you feel comfortable experimenting with your boyfriend more, because that isn't always easy to do. If you feel uncomfortable, you don't have to do everything the game suggests. Make it your own.

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10. House Party

This one is a simple game, being that no one can orgasm until you've had sex in every room of the house. Okay, so it'll be a little bit tough to stop yourself from reaching climax, but it'll be all sorts of thrilling boning all around the house.

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