How Seed's Female Daily Synbiotic Improved My Gut Health

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A combination of probiotics and prebiotics you can trust!

Seed's Female Daily Synbiotic Is Unlike Other Probiotics—Because It Actually Works

Full disclosure, I get asked to try a wide variety of products on the daily.

There are plenty of publicists sliding into my emails with gadgets and gizmos aplenty for me to review. Most of the time I ignore them or offer up an interview, because I can't be bothered to review something.

Then, one day, a publicist reached out to me via LinkedIn to see if I'd be interested in trying Seed. At first, I wanted to pass, because reviewing supplements is somewhat of a tricky business. My gut, however, was telling me to give these probiotics a shot.

I checked out their socials, then their site. I was immediately impressed by how much work (mainly, scientific work) was displayed across their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in ways that were easy to digest. Rather than focusing on cutesy packaging (which I am a sucker for), they put plenty of time and energy into crafting a product that was backed by research. I couldn't help but agree to a trial run of their synbiotics.

Their publicist gifted me with a fantastic care package that came filled with their Female Daily Synbiotics, a refill, a sweatshirt, and a long-sleeve tee to keep my cozy during my Seed experience.

Keep reading to learn more about Seed, their Daily Synbiotics, and my experience with the supplements!

About Seed

Seed is a company like no other, made up of "an ecosystem of kindred scientists, doctors, innovators, entrepreneurs, and translational storytellers from around the world" who work together to improve human and planetary health while "raising the bar in bacteria."

Founded by Ara Katz and Raja Dhir, the duo "connected over a shared passion to shape how bacteria will impact the health of us and our planet."

Through their intense scientific research and trials, Seed has developed both a male and female daily synbiotic (probiotics and prebiotics) supplement that offers digestive health benefits and beyond. More on the latter below!

About Seed's Daily Synbiotic

Along with aiding in digestive health, the bacteria in these supplements can improve skin health, metabolic health, gut barrier integrity, heart health, and cellular health. They're also vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, preservative-free, allergen-free, and free from meat, dairy, corn soy, binders, fillers, and excipients.

Each capsule is comprised of a prebiotic outer capsule that is "biotransformed by gut microbes into powerful metabolites for human health" and a probiotic inner capsule comprised of 24 strains of bacteria that have been validated in over 20 clinical studies. Their patented 2-in-1 capsule technology also ensures viability through digestion, while also protecting the bacteria from things they're sensitive to.

One major selling point of the Female Daily Synbiotic is that it helps folate production, which is an essential vitamin that plays a critical role in fertility and pregnancy. Seed's Daily Synbiotic is the first probiotic to ever increase production in the body.

You can read the entirety of the Female Daily Synbiotic's benefits, formulation, dosage and more here!

My Experience With Seed's Daily Synbiotic

As someone who has minor gastrointestinal issues that flare up from time to time, I'm often eager to try any sort of supplement that promises to improve my digestive health. So Seed's Female Daily Synbiotic was the perfect thing to fall into my lap, especially when it did.

Within a few days of taking the synbiotic, I noticed my digestive track was quickly becoming more and more regular. After taking the probiotic and prebiotic capsules for a little over a month, my body is about as regulated as it can get. In fact, this is the most regulated it has been for as long as I can remember. Overall, my body feels amazing.

Some of the other benefits are something I'd need a doctor to check on, such as the increase of folate production and promotion of heart health, so I can't exactly speak to those specific benefits. That being said, I really was mainly opening to have better gastrointestinal function from using Seed and that's exactly what I got.

Other than their synbiotics, I'm impressed with the eco-friendly packaging Seed uses for their products. I've yet to see another supplement arrive in a reusable glass jar kept safe in a compostable tray during its travels. I try to be more eco-conscious as a consumer, and Seed made that all too easy.

What Seed does better than most companies is make sure the consumer fully understands what they're consuming. They don't hide anything, which is something that's unfortunately common with most health and wellness companies. Many supplements and probiotics promise they're good for you and we as consumers take them at their word. But not Seed. They show you the science behind everything, which made me feel better knowing these supplements can stand behind their claims.

I like to believe I'm an informed consumer who will do my research, but when it comes to health-based companies, that's simply not true. I trust too easily and am willing to take any "magic pill" that comes my way. Thank goodness Seed was there to educate me on the supplements I was taking before I even received the package. They promised and delivered in so many ways.

Whether you struggle with digestive issues or are looking for a supplement that actually delivers on its promises, Seed is definitely worth trying. My experience was better than I could've ever imagined and I already went into it with high hopes.

I'm lucky to have been gifted Seed for this trial run, but I'm more than willing to pay the cost for a synbiotic that works as well as this one.

Sign Up for Your Seed Subscription

If you feel inclined to try Seed yourself after reading my experience, you can sign up for their subscription for $49.99 per month.

Your subscription will provide you with a reusable glass jar filled with their synbiotics, a travel jar, and a welcome pamphlet all nestled in a compostable tray.

Sign up for Seed today here!

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