10 of the Most Ridiculous Cosmo Sex Tips Ever

Grace and Frankie sitting on the couch together
Grace and Frankie via Netflix

Who came up with these?!

Ridiculous Cosmo Sex Tips

Cosmo is known for offering some interesting sex advice.

For the most part, they provide tips and tricks that are actually quite useful and fun to try in the bedroom. But sometimes, they let a few very outlandish tidbits seep through the cracks.

We're here to discuss those wacky words of sexual wisdom the publisher has gifted us with.

Keep scrolling for 10 ridiculous pieces of Cosmo sex advice you should never follow!

Glazed Donut

That's one way to feed your appetite.

The Butterfly Kiss Effect

The thought of that sounds somewhat serial killerish. Just us?

Light as a Feather, Stiff as a D

This one practically speaks for itself.

Light His Saber

Unless he actually has a lightsaber for a penis, this probably isn't going to end well.

Press a Fork

We have the sneaking suspicion a Disney princess by the name of Ariel wrote this one.

Sneeze It Out

Forget cumming, it's all about sneezing.

Marvelous Marbles

Why not use legos instead?

Handle Those Balls

Sex is a contact sport.

Wild Windstorm Sex

Because nothing's sexier than being penetrated during a vicious storm.

Hand Some Mistletoe

Mistletoe? In the shower?

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