7 of the Best Retirement Gifts You Can Buy

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These gifts keep on giving!

The Best Retirement Gifts

If anyone can retire in this economy, they definitely deserve a gift.

No matter their race, gender, sexual orientation, or income, the retiree in your life is sure to love one of the gifts below.

So whip out your credit card and get to shopping for them ASAP!

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Google Home Mini

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Now that they no longer have an assistant to answer questions or help them plan their day-to-day activities, they'll definitely be needing the built-in assistant in this Google Home Mini. This package even features two minis, which they can put in various rooms of the house.

A Trip Somewhere They've Never Been

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One of the best gifts you can give anyone is an experience—so do just that by buying them a plane ticket to somewhere they've always wanted to go, but haven't gotten around to visiting just yet. They'll thank you forever.

Scratch Travel Journal

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After you get them the plane ticket to anywhere, throw in this little trinket as an added bonus. It'll inspire them to travel to the farthest reaches of the globe.

A Wine Club Subscription

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Who doesn't love wine? Now that your retiree doesn't have a job they need to attend to, they can drink wine all day long. Gifting them with a subscription service of their favorite red or white is surely something they'll appreciate.

Yoga Mat

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Everyone says they want to try yoga, but never actually gets around to it. When you're retired, you have plenty of time to try things you never could when you were working 25/8. Give your retiree a push in the right direction by giving them this yoga mat. It's even made from recycled wetsuits, making it more sustainable than most mats out there.

Spa Gift Card

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After working for as long and hard as they did, your retiree deserves to treat themselves a little. A simple spa visit can do wonders, so get them a gift card right away.

Retirement Workbook

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Planning for retirement (whether they're already retired or not) isn't easy. To help them stay on track, this workbook and planner will be their saving grace. It touches on everything from finances and self-care to hobbies and time management.

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