15 Powerful 'Raising Dion' Quotes About Life

Dion standing in the middle of the street trying to use his powers in 'Raising Dion'
Raising Dion via Netflix

The superhero show you didn't know you needed!

These 15 Raising Dion Quotes Are Chock-Full of Power

Superhero movies and TV shows are a dime a dozen these days, but that won't stop us from watching all of them.

The latest one we're hooked on Netflix's Raising Dion. Based on the comic book and short film by Dennis Liu, the series follows a widowed mother who discovers her son has superpowers.

An interesting perspective, focusing less on the superhero and more on the people around him, it poses the question, how do you raise a superhero? We could tell you, but we suggest you watching the show instead.

If our summary of your new favorite superhero show didn't entirely excite you, reading through these Raising Dion quotes will. Check them out below!

Best Raising Dion Quotes

  • "I'm telling you, Nicole, that kid... there's something special." -Mark

  • "The storms are drawn to your son." -Suzanne

  • "It's you and me. You and me." -Nicole

  • "I want you to remember something for me. You can't forget because it's very important—energy never dies. It just takes a different form, so whatever that thing was, it's still out there. So I need you to be careful, and I need you to be strong. The world is gonna need you one day." -Mark

  • "I'm gonna find a way to bring you back." -Dion

Cute Raising Dion Quotes

  • "You're such a special kid. You're charming, smart, very handsome." -Nicole

  • "He's gonna rule the world one day." -Mark

  • "I have some thoughts on your fort. For starters, it's not wheelchair accessible." -Esperanza

  • "Please feel better, please." -Dion

  • "Hi, I'm Dion's best friend, but he doesn't know it yet." -Esperanza

Sweet Raising Dion Quotes

  • "It's magic, for you, so you won't be sad." -Dion

  • "You're incredible. But sometimes, other people... they're going to be afraid of you. You have to be more careful than other kids, okay? Hey, what do superheroes do when the bad guys try and get them down, huh? Do they give up? Do they stop being who they are?" -Nicole

  • "When I want things, they come to me, and I can do this." -Dion

  • "And I didn't run away, so please don't punish me." -Pat

  • "Your dad was traveling so much that year that he made me this video." -Nicole

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